YOTV App To Showcase World Class Entertainment This Holiday Season With No Data Charges



It is that time of year when we are in a good mood and smiles are on our faces as we celebrate Christmas.

It is that time of year for festivities and celebrations.

In the spirit of the party, YOTV Channels, a video-on-demand platform created by Albayan Media in partnership with telecommunications leader MTN Uganda, presents world-class entertainment during this festive season.

Launched in 2020, the platform is home to more than 50 channels showing more than 500 movies with new and regularly updated content, available to anyone with just a push of your phone dial.

The accessibility of the YOTV Channels application by phone presents a convenience to its users who retain access to entertaining content while on the go.

So even when you are traveling on the bus to get to the village, YOTV channels have got you covered.

In addition to many international blockbuster movies, YOTV channels also stream your favorite Ugandan movies and entertainment from local radio stations across the country.

In keeping with the Christmas spirit, Somdev Sen, Marketing Director of MTN Uganda, said MTN offers affordable and flexible payment options to ensure you and your family enjoy world-class entertainment. on the app with no data charges.

“As the year slows down, catch up on your favorite TV shows, movies and songs on the radio using the YOTV Channels app. For as little as UGX500, you can enjoy an hour of in-app entertainment without the need to purchase data plans. The UGX1000 will support the subscription for a day, the UGX2500 for a week and the UGX10000 for a month, ”he explained, stressing that no data is required.

The YOTV Channels app also has a catch-up feature that allows users to pause and record their favorite shows for up to 24 hours so they can watch them later.

Somdev also pointed out that there is 30 days free access and viewing for novice users of the YOTV Channels app.

Additionally, MTN is giving back to its customers through a promotion in which users of the YOTV Channels app have a chance to win many amazing prizes every time they pay a monthly subscription of just 10,000 UGX.

The YOTV Channels app is available for download to your phone from the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Download the YOTV Channels app and enjoy the experience with your family this holiday season.

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