WWE’s plans for a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship tournament are already ‘dead’


WWE’s bid to crown the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions has already petered out, according to Dave Meltzer via the Wrestling observer. On May 16, Sasha Banks and Naomi left Raw due to reported frustrations with booking the Women’s Titles, which the pair reclaimed at Wrestle Mania 38. The two had floated the idea of ​​facing Doudrop and Nikki ASH at Hell in a Cell, but the company instead wanted the pair to split up and challenge Bianca Belair and Ronda Rousey for their respective championships in singles matches.

Their walkout prompted WWE to issue a statement berating them for their actions, then suspended the two on this week’s SmackDown while simultaneously stripping them of the tag titles. It was announced that the company would crown new champions via a tournament, but Meltzer described that idea as “dead” while noting that four teams were pitched for the tournament last week, but the idea never materialized. approved. Reports recently surfaced that WWE was considering calling in NXT stars in order to fill the bracket, as the main roster only has two teams at the moment – ASH/Doudrop and Shayna Baszler/Natalya.

Raw play-by-play commentator Jimmy Smith spoke about the situation on his Unlock the cage podcast last week noting that Corey Graves (who took online criticism for calling the pair unprofessional on recent Raw shows) had to tone down Vince McMahon’s initial message he wanted to send.

“Superstars themselves are able to tell their own story and tell their own narrative to the public in a way that they couldn’t 20, 10 or 15 years ago. I don’t know, what they haven’t discussed with me is that they’re ahead of Sasha Banks and Naomi’s ability to post their own story. If you don’t say why, they’ll say why. WWE wants their point of view there- They’re going to come out and say something, so WWE wanted to get ahead and did it first. That’s what it seems to me,” Smith said.

“What I don’t get at all is the heat that my broadcast partner, Corey Graves, gets,” he added. “They gave him something to read and kind of like Michael Cole, he toned it down a bit. But guys, Michael Cole and Corey Graves aren’t making this stuff up. People get mad at them like they were freestyling that stuff. They’re not. If Vince had said, “Here, read this,” I would have done exactly what Michael Cole did. Corey Graves gets all that s—. Corey Graves didn’t invented that statement. He’s a broadcaster and he was told to read it and he read it. So I understand the fans’ anger, but the misdirection of that anger is weird.

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