WWE teams deserve a Women’s Tag Team Championship match at WrestleMania 37



The map for WrestleMania 37 is still in the process of being put together, and the only division that appears to be fully open at this point is the Women’s Tag Team Division. With Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler dominating the scene for so long, and the next set of challengers on the verge of losing given what they already have to come, the women’s tag team champions need a suitable challenger to. Wrestlemania. While there are a number of solo Superstars you can team up for a quick and easy match, there are already a number of teams ready for that spotlight.

This year it feels like the women’s tag team titles are actually a thing and actually have some semblance of importance. With the number of teams formed in the Women’s Division on Raw and SmackDown, the overall picture of the Tag Team is the most interesting it has ever been. It is as if the opportunity is now really there for the teams that get a chance.

But which teams should actually get the hang of at WrestleMania 37? Which tag teams are up for a potential league game and even a potential win? Read on for our picks on which teams are expected to win the Women’s Tag Team Championship title at WrestleMania 37! Let us know your choices in the comments!

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

(Photo: WWE)

Eliminate the ease first as they are probably the team that brings the women’s tag team championships to WrestleMania, but if they don’t, Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler deserve a match based on the work they’ve done. . done with these titles. The two made a real team and were one of the few pairs to have an interesting run with these separate championships from the main title image. They probably aren’t going to leave WrestleMania 37 with these titles because it’s time for them to part ways, but they’ve earned the star.

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Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke

(Photo: WWE)

Ever since Mandy Rose came to WWE Monday Night Raw and started working with Dana Brooke, it’s starting to seem a lot weirder that they haven’t yet made it through to the women’s tag team championships. As the two have grown closer and even started to look like a team in their own right, maybe it’s time to see them grab a big opportunity like this? That would be nice for Brooke considering how good a sport is as a whole, so why not give this team a fair shake up?

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The riot squad

(Photo: WWE)

The Riott Squad have undergone major changes and injury issues in recent years, but Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan are now the tightest squad they’ve ever been. With so few actual tag teams in the women’s division, it’s still mind-boggling that one of the original factions that have become a tag team in this division has yet to get that level of opportunity. He’s also close to believing that they would put together a great game, so it’s time for Riott Squad to get a chance at the top.

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Natalya and Tamina

WWE Natalya Tamina SmackDown
(Photo: WWE)

One thing the women’s division could take away from the men’s division is how much legends are treated on the men’s side. Natalya and Tamina are two of the veterans defending the SmackDown side, but you wouldn’t think so considering how little they’ve won collectively over the years. Their current squad and change of look suggests they are becoming an official squad and a fun way to cement that would be to put those titles around their waists. Let these veterans have a dominant race to the top for once!

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Naomi and Lana

Lana Naomi WWE
(Photo: WWE)

Speaking of Natalya, someone who also knows a thing or two about finding a rhythm with new partners more times than necessary is Lana. Lana has worked with a number of people over the past few years, but there is already something special about her collaboration with Naomi. Naomi has the credibility of being a veteran and a former champion as well, and thus balances Lana’s role of being the inexperienced fighter who is happy to be there. Lana’s quirk of matching her partner’s gels perfectly with Naomi’s glowing party character, and it’s an exciting look and time for them both. Why not give them a championship shot too?

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Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez

(Photo: NXT)

After being cheated by a real chance at the Women’s Tag Team Championships following the Women’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez already looked like they were on the verge of preparing for the big moment. An even harder pill to swallow was seeing them crowned at the first NXT Women’s Team Championships and losing them that same night. Sure, it looks like Kai and Gonzalez are already moving forward, but it would be fun to see them get a spotlight on WrestleMania after seeing their work for team wrestling as a whole.

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Billie Kay and Bayley

WWE Bayley Billie Kay
(Photo: WWE)

Billie Kay’s search for someone new to work with was the best thing to come out of the IIconics breakup, but the most compelling was when she briefly brushed against Bayley. Bayley does very well on her own, but she’s also perfect for fitting into just about any game or venue. Working with Billie Kay would be a highlight for both of their comedic talents, and putting them in a WrestleMania match would be a fun way to bring them together (as there’s no way they’re the hosts, unfortunately). Granted, that would be a good squad mixed in with a tag team battle royale or something like that. But that would be fun!


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