WWE NXT Results (11/8) – Women’s Tag Team Championship Match, Five Minute Challenge, Joe Gacy Vs. Cameron Grimes



The bell rings and Grimes wastes no time pursuing Gacy. He delivers a series of kicks and elbows. Gacy fights back with some stomps and a right hand, then delivers a snap mare and a flying crossbody. He lands an elbow to the head of Grimes, then delivers a pair of right hands. Grimes rolls Gacy, but Gacy pulls out. He delivers a kick that sends him outside, then delivers another kick from the apron.

Back from the break, Gacy has Grimes in a side headlock. Grimes escapes and Gacy hits him with a back elbow and several kicks. He locks into a cross face, but Grimes escapes. Gacy sends him to the mat, then hits a modified Powerslam scoop. He delivers a back elbow, followed by a pair of lariats. He hits a German Suplex, followed by a high crossbody. Reid and Fowler try to interfere, but Gacy accidentally punches them and delivers a Poison Rana. He looks to go to the moon, but Fowler and Reid knock Gacy out of the ring. Grimes flies in and takes them all down, then throws him back in the ring and climbs to the top. Reid distracts the referee as Raine knocks him off the top, allowing Gacy to hit The Upside Down World for the win.

Winner: Joe Gacy

We head backstage and see Nathan Frazer coming out of the medical area. Axiom asks what they said and Frazer tells him that he will be away for a while. Axiom reassures him that he’ll be back in no time. JD McDonagh enters. McDonagh says to leave the medical opinion to the experts and says Frazer will never tell him how broken he is. McDonagh guesses his injury based on his body language, then says he would never have won the Fatal Five-Way Ladder Match if he had moved up a spot. Axiom says he should try to do what he does: reach first place only to fail again and again. The two men stare at each other before McDonagh leaves.

Back from the break, we head to Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams at a hair salon. Hayes says he’s sitting there without the championship he made famous and says he defeated Camerson Gromes to win back his North American championship. He shouts out Wes Lee, then says Lee never beat him one-on-one. He says Lee is smooth and a good tag team competitor, but his reign will end quickly when he beats him in two weeks. He says there will be a contract signing for the game next week, and that’s all it’s going to be.

We return to Vic Joseph and Booker T at the announcement desk, but are interrupted by the following message from SCRYPTS:

“My name is written on the walls, my voice echoes through the hallways, and soon I’ll be in ‘NXT’ to watch it all come down. The pain is truly among you, imagine what’s to come, it’s happened. Like it always wanted to be.”

Sol Ruca then heads to the ring, followed by Elektra Lopez.

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