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Last night I messaged about Home Brew opportunities at Expo. Here is the link of the post.

You may have received a 404 message indicating that the links are broken. The reason for this is that we were updating our systems to add the schedules and downloadable collateral material for next Saturday’s presentations, and took our server offline for a few minutes.

So your next question should be, “Eric, after everything that’s happened in the evolution of Expo, why make these changes the last week of Expo. Didn’t you learn anything?”

It’s a good question, and it demands an answer.

The success of the last 3 Expos, even with the issues we had last year with technology, gave me the opportunity to build a team around Expo, especially in this time when people were losing their jobs due to Covid 19 closures. Brad, Emanuela, Rachel, Colleen, AB and Vlad are all team members, mostly living in the Eastern Hemisphere in temporal proximity to Israel, where I live and work.

Your $10.00 ticket has enabled me to help support at least six families during this time and, in one case, to help save an entire family from a regime that tortured a member of our team for having worked with an Israeli – me. Thank God, he and his family now live in a new country, and he’s back to help write the code that displays what we’re doing at Expo. His story is amazing and I’m thankful to God he’s alive and well.

Unfortunately, Vlad is in Ukraine and is attacked. He is a very talented programmer, and his work has been to create the presentation, speakers and moderators sections of our website. As we hope and pray for the health and safety of Vlad and his family, we had to hand over his duties to AB, who has now resurfaced to fix what needs fixing, and he did just last night .

If you know me, then you know I love amateur radio. I love sharing what I know about it and having the blessing of the many amazing guests and speakers who bring their expertise to the Expo and the QSO Today podcast. I am grateful to Expo sponsors who have stayed with Expo because they believe in its vision for the long-term viability of our hobby. The “Company” QSO Today is my attempt to bring history and knowledge to radio amateurs around the world, in English, as a way to develop amateur radio expertise, and to a level beyond what is currently available. As live events return (I’ll be in Dayton at FDIM and Hamvention), I still see a need for great ham radio content for people who want to enjoy it from their ham shack.

Just this week, I received a “job description” from the Israel Amateur Radio Club, looking for volunteer radio amateurs to maintain our network of DMR and analog repeaters, which run the length of the country. By my estimation, there are very few hams with that expertise these days, in Israel, to keep those systems alive and thriving. I volunteer to not only help, but also teach other younger hams what to do to keep these systems operational. This is just one example of the challenges we face and how I think we should meet those challenges. We must create opportunities for learning, experimenting, building and repairing.

You will see and hear in Courtney Duncan’s keynote address, N5BF, that amateurs have played an incredible role in human history, in BIG PROJECTS at NASA, over the past 100 years. Indeed, as amateurs, we need to manage multiple skill sets to be successful. We are unique. We must continue to create knowledgeable hams with “hands-on” knowledge and opportunities to learn.

The team is working long hours this week in the run up to Expo to make it a success. Our “salons” are now open for you to try out. I’m assigning volunteers to tasks today and I have training to do before opening. We will have our stumbles and blunders because our Expo has a lot of moving parts. We will beg your pardon in advance and ask you to go with the flow.

We will have a successful event and we hope you will share it with us, knowing that your participation means more than just watching a few sessions and visiting your friends.

PS – if you wish to reply to this message, I will only be able to reply after the Expo. You can also visit me in my QSO Lounge Today at Expo.


Eric Guth, 4Z1UG

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