What’s the most hated app in your state?


Hatred is a strong word. And yet, it can be scaled even when applied to small things like apps. Electronics Hub decided to measure sentiment(Opens in a new window) around apps, and he’s found that a few in particular generate very strong feelings.

To determine what people think of the apps, Electronics Hub analyzed location-based tweets about cryptocurrency, dating, entertainment, money transfer, and social media apps and found that some are universally hated. In the United States, the apps that caused negative sentiment in the most states were Tinder (21 states), Reddit (seven states), Snapchat (six), Roblox (five), and Facebook (three).

Opinions vary widely from state to state. Alaska hates Netflix; coincidentally (or not?), it also has the slowest internet service. Delaware hates Amazon in a unique way. Maine shared his enmity between Amazon Prime Video and TikTok. And although the dating app that gets the most swipes of any app across the country is Tinder, Pennsylvania called Bumble. (He knows why.)

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State by state when it comes to dating, OKCupid is not compatible in 21 states, Hinge in 11 states, Tinder in eight states, eharmony in four states, and Plenty of Fish in three states. This, however, may say more about dating than the apps themselves.

Among social media apps, Facebook Messenger is hated in 21 states. Facebook itself was the most hated social media site in just two states (Nebraska and West Virginia), but that could be a sign of its reduced usage. Twitter (also known as “that hellish site” to locals) caused rancor in 15 states and was used at the highest rates in media-dense cities including New York, Los Angeles, Houston and Chicago.

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Bad news for the metaverse, Roblox is rather despised in seven states (and the world’s most hated gaming app, according to the Electronic Hub study). That’s probably fair, though, because the real world might just be the most hated app in the Metaverse.

Go to Electronic Hub’s(Opens in a new window) website to learn more about apps we hate.

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