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I love Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, and all other music streaming apps. You can hear exactly what you want to hear any time of the day. It’s awesome.

Truth be told, it’s a bit boring too. That’s why I love a little app that goes unnoticed even for die-hard music lovers.

Radio Garden is a free app for iPhones and Android devices that bundles tens of thousands of live radio stations 24 hours a day.

Here is how it works:

The application displays a 3D earth globe with satellite images. When you rotate the world with your finger, the app tunes in the radio stations on the screen. It’s like the search button on a car stereo.

The screen is covered with thousands of small green dots, each representing a different station. A circle on the screen locates one of these points / stations and starts playing what the station is broadcasting at that time.

I traveled the world and found a reggae station in France, an 80s rock station in Bologna, Italy, and other American rock / pop stations in Argentina, Bolivia, and Ireland. But I also found stations broadcasting music from that geographic area.

For over an hour, I listened to a station in Nuuk, Greenland, playing music that I didn’t understand. It was almost like I was there.

Radio Garden started in 2016 as an exhibition project commissioned by the Dutch Sound and Vision Institute. In 2019, the team made it a small independent business. The apps have been completely redesigned in 2020 and the app is gaining popularity around the world.

The Radio Garden team say they update the “garden” daily by planting seeds (by connecting more stations).

The Radio Garden team says in the app description that they want to bring “distant voices” closer together.

The apps are free with only a few ads displayed on screen or broadcast before tuning to a station. Try. You can find something you like that you would never have heard otherwise. You can also try it on a computer.

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