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(Field Day BMS file photo of local amateur radio operators)

Be a neighborhood hero – be the person in your neighborhood or building who has ham radio skills just in case disaster strikes. This is the mode of communication that is likely to continue working even if everything else shuts down. First step: take a course that is coming up, in order to obtain a license. The West Seattle Amateur Radio Club issued the invitation:

Amateur radio is a great hobby and a great way to serve the community. You can communicate locally, worldwide or even via satellite. It provides an excellent means of emergency communication. Your license never expires as long as you renew it every 10 years (no need for another exam). It’s a fun, low-key learning experience; class participation and asking questions is encouraged. However, the instructors will not call on individual students during the class, so you can feel free to participate at your comfort level. Concept materials will be presented during the first weekend so that you can study effectively during the following week. Practical scenarios and demonstrations will be presented the following Saturday. A review session will be offered on the last Sunday.

Classes are all day Saturday May 7, Sunday May 8, Saturday May 14, then it’s exam day on Sunday May 15, all at Salvation Army Center in South Delridge (9050 16th SW). Classes are free; the test carries a $15 fee. You can go here to register.

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