WeAre8 announces a channel of change makers for Australia’s newest social media app


Following its low-key launch in Australia last month, the world’s only sustainable social media app, WeAre8, today announces support from high profile changemakers who are coming together to support the social media platform that is free from hate, is good for the planet, has the ability to put money in people’s wallets and reconnects people with the true sense of community.

Building on WeAre8’s mission to bring people together to support people and the planet, local identities joining WeAre8 will bring to the platform a deep connection with their communities, as well as a range of exclusive content, expertise and a shared belief that only we can do little; together we can do a lot.

From left to right: Adam Goodes, Adrian Eagle, Sarah Wilson, Stan Walker and Tsehay Hawkins

Joining the WeAre8 family is Indigenous Australians Advocate, AFL Legend and Australian of the Year Adam Goodes, ARIA Award-winning Australian singer-songwriter Adrian Eagle, best-selling author, climate advisor and philanthropist Sarah Wilson, proud Māori artist of Australia and Aotearoa Stan Walker, and 5 time World Latin Dance Champion and proud Ethiopian Aussie, Tsehay Hawkins of The Wiggles. Other high profile Australians supporting WeAre8 will also be announced in the coming weeks.

Australian identities join the growing UK-based WeAre8 family which includes former Manchester United footballer Rio Ferdinand, England broadcaster Clare Balding and England Olympic gold medalist diver Tom Daley, among many others.

WeAre8 Australia CEO Lizzie Young said: “Technology and social media divide us more than ever. Algorithms control what we see, making our world smaller and more divided. It doesn’t make us happier or more connected.

“WeAre8 is the antithesis of that. We are a platform that empowers people to feel valued, loved and reconnected with the world. Adding our local changemakers to the platform will contribute to our ambitions to be the platform that unites people for the planet. They represent a unique alumni voice that reflects the Australia of today, an Australia that is inclusive, authentic and openly wants to use our community to make the world a better place.

The announcement of the change coincides with WeAre8’s first over-the-line marketing campaign in Australia, which aims to encourage Australians to test a hate-free, planet-friendly social media platform capable of putting money in their wallet and celebrating the good in life.

Luke Robinson, Marketing Director of WeAre8 Australia, said: “Creatively, our campaign aims to show people that they can now turn their idle time on social media into time of action and have real social impact. and tangible.

“We are targeting an audience segment that we call ‘Optimistic Champions of Change’. It is those within our communities who want to do better for the greater good of the planet and people. They are an audience segment that is curious about the world, open-minded and wants to be part of the solution, not the problem.

WeAre8 sees three key audiences within Optimistic Change Champions; Parents who worry about the world they are bringing their children into and the impact of social media on the next generation; University students who want to take a stand on climate solutions and societal issues, but who have not had an outlet corresponding to their values; And for content creators who want to be appreciated for the content they post on social media.

“Our first brand campaign will come to life across outdoor, BVOD, YouTube, digital, audio streaming and radio and is truly aimed at positioning WeAre8 as the social media platform for doing good and feeling good. “, continues Luke.

Adrian Eagle’s uplifting, upbeat and critically acclaimed hip-hop and gospel anthem AOK or ‘Acts of Kindness’ is also featured in the WeAre8 campaign with a video directed by cinematographer and director James Medlam of Clockwork Films.

OK is about being kind to yourself and to others – with acts of kindness,” says Adrian.

“This is a song I wanted to leave for the next generation to show that there is a cure to improve your mental health, your resilience and your position. I needed a reminder to be kinder to myself Others were kind to me and without the kindness of these people, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to live the way I do. “We’re Gonna Be AOK” is meant to be a true reminder of a positive mindset that can help us overcome many of life’s challenges and also a call to arms that if we support each other we can do amazing things.

“The good vibes in the music I create aligns with everything WeAre8 is about – ‘everything is fine on WeAre8’ and I’m so happy that my music can help spread that message.

“To other musicians, artists and creators, hop on WeAre8 and find out. When we make that commitment in our lives that we need to work in the arts, it means so much when we feel connected and receive support from our community and that’s the other amazing thing that WeAre8 offers.

Commenting on the video, James Medlam, director of Clockwork Films, said, “When I first heard about the WeAre8 platform, all it stands for, and its goal of bringing social on social media, I was so excited to be involved. Led by the incredibly talented Adrian Eagle, my vision was to show what WeAre8 stands for, a place to celebrate everyone, free from hate and a platform that truly gives back to the world.

Community and connection led to Sarah Wilson’s support of WeAre8. Explaining her decision to become a WeAre8 changemaker, Sarah said, “We are all waiting for a shake-up in the social media landscape. We feel trapped and duped by algorithms that stir up snark and sadness, which don’t reflect the humans we want to be.

“We want to do, be and connect better! I believe WeAre8 lands just when we hit saturation point and I’m beyond excited to be part of a team that ambitiously gives us a better way to connect and be pushed to be more selfless .

“The psychology that is activated by the reverse operation of the platform is brilliant. All the latest studies, which I follow closely, support the model. Weare8’s mandate is huge, but these predominantly “hyperobject” times call for an equally grand alternate path.

Matching WeAre8’s Sunshine Yellow in color, name and spirit is the effervescent Yellow Wiggle Tsehay Hawkins from the Wiggles, whose name means “The Sun” in Amharic. On why she joined the WeAre8 family, Tsehay said, “The Wiggles’ mission has always been to educate and inspire through music and dance – spreading joy and sharing messages of inclusivity and harmony with families around the world. I’m so excited to be a creator on such an amazing platform like WeAre8 that also brings all these great values ​​to the fore. I look forward to meeting and learning from all the different creators in the WeAre8 family as we build a community where positivity is celebrated.

Another artist who strongly believes in WeAre8’s mission is award-winning singer, recording artist, actor and activist Stan Walker. He explains, “When I started creating and releasing music in 2009, there were a lot of gatekeepers who were hard to navigate, many of whom wanted to compose the true voice of a creative.

“As my music and songwriting evolves, I am always drawn to partners who will accompany me on the same journey and in the same spirit. WeAre8 represents for me an extraordinary opportunity to work with a partner who will help amplify my “why”, which is this: All of our tupuna, our ancestors, fought and died for us not just to exist, but for us to be outrageous, to be amazing, to change the world! what they have done, we will do more and better. It is my job as a dad, as an uncle, that my ceiling is the floor of our children.

“I look forward to partnering with WeAre8 in Australia (and Aotearoa when they launch there) to help amplify not only my ‘why’, but also maximize those who share the passion and belief that we can make tomorrow better than yesterday.”

Rounding out the top five changemakers is Adam Goodes, who is an advocate for Indigenous Australians, a beacon of resilience and optimism and an inspirational role model working to create a better Australia for all.

On joining the WeAre8 Advisory Board, Adam said, “I am so excited to share my lived experience with the WeAre8 family. I love WeAre8’s vision of celebrating what is good in our world and showing our 8Family the power to give.

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