Want to see more Detroit murals? There is an application for that.



Detroit has a new app to help track the city’s hundreds of murals. And it’s free to download.

The app is called CANVS Street Art. The company says it now has more than 2,000 murals listed in more than 100 cities.

Detroit is now one of them with over 200 murals added to the city map.

Rochelle Riley is the city’s director of arts and culture.

“So people can see all of the amazing artists we have here. We have internationally admired artists working here and people don’t always know about it,” Riley said.

Ijania Cortez has painted several murals around the city, including one titled “Transfer” under an overpass in Detroit’s Brush Park neighborhood.

“All of my murals are about community, all of my murals have to do with people who live in the actual communities in which my murals are seen,” Cortez said.

Briana Rice


Radio Michigan

Waleed Johnson in front of his “The Spirit” mural.

This type of information – details about the art and the artist – is also included in the application. Anyone with an account can add photos of a mural or any information about the artists. CANVS authorities say they will monitor what people submit.

The app currently has more than 200 murals listed on its map, but city officials are encouraging more people, who they call “mural hunters,” to start adding more murals they find. .

The city contracted with CANVS for $72,500 to create the app and website as well as provide ongoing maintenance. Riley says the money was donated by the Ford Foundation.

In August, Detroit was ranked the county’s fourth-best city for street art, behind Oklahoma City, Cincinnati and Philadelphia.

Riley says she intends to make Detroit the number one destination for street art in the years to come.

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