Wales beat Germany to win APAT World Tag Team Championship



They’re celebrating in Wales this week thanks to an impressive performance from some of the country’s top amateur poker players.

The Welsh flag flies high after four of the country’s amateur poker stars won the 2021 APAT World Tag Team Championship. (Image: BT)

As part of the Amateur Poker Association and the Tour’s World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP), 10 teams have lined up for an international showdown on Partypoker.

When the last chips fell, the Wales team emerged victorious. To make the victory even sweeter, they did something the Welsh national football team rarely does: they beat Germany.

Flags fly as APAT WCOAP goes digital

Like nearly every European event over the past 12 months, APAT’s WCOAP has gone digital. Partypoker stepped in earlier this month to ensure recreational players didn’t miss out on COVID-19 restrictions.

The series kicked off on January 23 with Event #1, the Tag Team Championship. Amateurs from 10 countries have been selected to represent their nation in a multidisciplinary confrontation.

Each team consisted of four players. Teams were to compete in 24 sit & go tournaments across three variations, including Hold’em, Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo. Players scored points based on where they finished in each single-table tournament. At the end of the game, the points were counted and the teams were ranked accordingly.

The Welsh quartet of Richard Rudling-Smith (captain), Dylan Herbert, Dan Owston and Greg Mawson scored 190 points. It was eight points more than Germany.

Although Wales only won two legs against Germany’s four, they were more consistent. Six second places and three third places were enough to claim the title in Wales.

Final ranking of the APAT WCOAP team championship

  1. Wales – 190 points
  2. Germany – 182 points
  3. Austria – 181 points
  4. Scotland – 172 points
  5. England – 157 points
  6. Romania – 152 points
  7. Canada – 141 points
  8. Belgium – 141 points
  9. Ireland – 141 points
  10. Netherlands – 127 points

For a country of just over 3 million people, this is an impressive result. And, anyone who knows a little about European football understands that beating Germany makes victory that much sweeter.

Like England, Wales often battle Germany on the pitch. If you support Wales, you must dates back to 2002 to see the last time they beat Germany (see the video above).

Max Kruse couldn’t stop Wales from winning

Thoughts of previous heartaches weren’t far from the minds of the Wales squad thanks to Max Kruse’s presence.

The former professional footballer was in action for Germany in the team championships. And, just as he was as a sportsman, Kruse was a force to be reckoned with.

As a pro, Kruse had two stints at Werder Bremen, and played for one of the best Turkish teams, Fenerbahçe. He also represented his country in the Germany Under-19 and Under-21 teams (see the video below).

Kruse has been a poker enthusiast for the better part of a decade. He cashed in a 2-7 event at the 2014 WSOP. He was also fined by his club, Wolfsburg, in 2016 for leaving over $60,000 in WSOP winnings in the back of a taxi.

His experience as an athlete and poker player certainly helped him during the tag team championship. Kruse won the final event to secure second place for Germany.

However, the day belonged to Wales. Not only did they beat Germany, but also eight other nations to become the best amateur poker team in the world.

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