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NewsWest for Sunday, September 25, 2022 is the new amateurs edition, where we have useful information for new and old amateurs.

We welcome and congratulate those who have just entered the hobby and have new call signs, and those who have simply upgraded.

Today we reflect on the things that happened during the week in amateur radio in Australia, and from Andrew, our traveling reporter in the South Pacific, there is an interesting interview with VP6MW, Meralda.

The team this week is Roy VK6XV, Greg VK6LH, Paul VK6EMD, and I’m Bob VK6POP the producer from NewsWest.

NewsWest can be heard on air, online, via podcast and video. Find out how to do all of this on our website, vk6.net.

You can contact the press team with an email to [email protected]

NewsWest is now available in video format – click here https://tinyurl.com/2ge9tpa7

NewsWest invites contributions to the program. You can send yours as attachments to [email protected] – our editorial policy is that articles should be about amateur radio and be of concern or interest to radio amateurs in Western Australia.

Hailing from Perth Western Australia, NewsWest is produced by WA Amateur Radio News for live, online and on-demand listeners.

However you listen, whether you are a licensed or unlicensed ham radio operator, experienced or just a beginner, old or young, thank you for being there and thank you for joining us.

The Web: http://vk6.net Email: [email protected]

Producer: Bob VK6POP

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