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AHWAHNEE – If you want to learn more about what radio amateurs or licensed amateur radio operators do for fun, you can visit the members of the local group at their annual Field Day event on Saturday and Sunday June 25 and 26, 2022, scheduled for this year. at Wasuma Elementary School in Ahwahnee.

The school is located at 43109 Hwy. 49 (see map below).

And, if you’re lucky, you may even be able to use their radio gear to communicate with other licensed radio amateurs at similar same-day events around the United States.

A American radio relay League (ARRL) The Field Day guide for this year’s event states that since the 1930s, Field Day has been an event aimed at testing the field readiness and emergency communication skills of the amateur radio community. Over the years, Field Day has become the biggest live event on the amateur calendar.

Terry Burley, Local President Mountain Amateur Radio Club, said that “operators are eager to test their skills and show the public what amateur radio can do. In recent years, however, Field Day events have primarily focused on competition, points earned, and standings between stations in each operating class.

Photo by Terry Burley.

Terry Burley.

“Today our aim is to contact as many stations as possible in the country to earn points for the local club,” he added.

National Field Day is a 24-hour event that begins at 11 a.m. on Saturday, June 25 and ends the following day at noon. Club members work as a team throughout the 24-hour period.

Bonus points that add up on Field Day include points per transmitter, media advertising, installation in a public place, provision of an information board, failure to use power the commercial sector or oil generators, the visit of your site by an elected official and involving young people aged 18 or under and many others.

Burley said the Field Day event is free to the public who he encourages to drop by and experience a “Get on the Air” opportunity. Free refreshments will also be available this weekend, he added.

According to Burley, the Mountain Amateur Radio Club was formed in 1983 and today has about 50 members. Ham operators are not restricted by age and you don’t have to be a ham to join the club.

“The club will help new members learn what they need to obtain their FCC license which is also regularly administered by the club,” he continued.

Image of members of the Local Mountain Amateur Radio Club at an annual Field Day event last year in Oakhurst as they huddle while making contact on their radios with other members of the ham club at similar events that day in the United States.

Members of the Local Mountain Amateur Radio Club at an annual Field Day event last year in Oakhurst huddled while making contact on their radios with other ham club members at similar events that day- there in the United States.

The club meets monthly at Sierra Senior Center in Oakhurst, meets socially every Thursday morning for coffee etc at a local restaurant and engages with members in a 2 meter networking session every morning at 7am. For more information about the local ham club and its community service activities, call Burley at 408-310-9648.

Photos by Bob and Janine Burgess, MARC members.

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