Uber will list all New York taxis on its app, giving customers more choice


After years of fighting, New York Taxis and Uber will now join forces. Yellow cab rides can be booked through Uber starting this summer under a groundbreaking deal.

Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT), which provides the technology systems for New York City’s more than 13,000 taxis, said it would gain access to Uber’s customer base. The partnership comes as Uber struggles to keep up with demands and taxi drivers have been engulfed in debt during the pandemic.

“This is a real win for drivers – they no longer have to worry about finding a fare during off-peak hours or being called into Manhattan when in outer neighborhoods,” said Guy Peterson, Uber’s chief business development officer, in a statement. statement. “And that’s a real win for the runners.”

The official merger of Uber and taxi will be rolled out to the general public this summer. Uber users will have access to the thousands of yellow cabs, according to CMT. In turn, taxi drivers will see fares generated by Uber on their screens.

For years, taxi drivers around the world have protested Uber for destroying their marketplace. When COVID-19 hit, taxi drivers, especially in New York City, were even worse off. The city has implemented a debt relief program, but last October drivers went on a week-long hunger strike to demand more relief.

But now, as COVID restrictions ease, Uber’s partnership with NYC taxis could come at just the right time.

“New York City is back!” said Ron Sherman, president of CMT. “As businesses bring back their employees, tourists flock to New York again, and New Yorkers begin to get out and rebuild our local economy after a devastating pandemic, yellow cabs and Uber are bringing the best of our industries to help this town get back on its feet.”

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