Twitter down: Website and social media app not working – again



We just wanted to post a funny joke, and now we found out Twitter wasn’t working. We are investigating.

Judging by reports from Downdetector and the US team at TechRadar, the outage is affecting far fewer people in the US than in the UK – it appears to be primarily a UK issue. Well, we can add that to the list after Freddos got more expensive, Magnums got smaller, and the whole cost of living went up.

In the UK, DownDetector reports over 4,000 reports in the last few minutes. That’s a huge number considering how many we normally see – even for major outages that affect multiple websites, we usually see one or two thousand reports.

This outage came less than six weeks after Twitter’s last outage.

It was a smaller one, as the main Twitter feed loaded, but not the Tweets – so you could see them, but not click on them or interact with them.

Now you can’t see anything – it’s radio silence.

Usually, when there is an internet outage, people turn to Twitter for answers. It’s… a little more difficult now.

We looked at Facebook, but Twitter itself hasn’t posted there for several months. Last time it was a screenshot of a Tweet about cats. What is 2007?

Facebook is a bit more community-focused though, so it’s harder to see what people around the world are saying.

Reddit to the rescue:

is_twitter_down_for_anyone_else_in_uk from r/Twitter

There’s no official comment, but there are people all over the world saying that Reddit isn’t working for them.

Unfortunately, since Reddit’s support and newsroom sites are all hosted by the media giant itself, they don’t work either.

We’re seeing an increasing number of outage reports coming from the US, but TechRadar’s team based there haven’t seen anything.

It’s likely that a server in Europe is at fault, which is why it’s much more of an issue for our UK readers than for our US readers.

But we are waiting to discover Twitter to see what happens.

(Image credit: future)

Reports are well over 4,000 at the moment.

For context, the baseline is 3. That’s a big difference.

Oh wait – Twitter is back! (for me at least)

That suggests the end of the blackout might be here – just in time for you to get back to work after your lunch break. What bad luck.

DownDetector reports for Twitter issues are finally down – it looks like the outage really might be over.

It’s not a dizzying drop in reports suggesting that some people are still having issues with their desktop site or phone app, but it does at least tell us that the original problem is being fixed.

We’ve investigated whether Twitter itself has commented on the outage – so far we can’t see anything from any of its official accounts.

That said, he has about a billion of his own accounts for different regions, aspects of the site, and more, so it’s very possible that one of them has posted, and we just haven’t found it yet.

Well, it was a short outage – in less than an hour.

We’d rather internet outages didn’t happen at all, but if they do happen, we love them when they’re only gone for a short time, like right now.

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