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We hear it all the time from all kinds of people – dating these days sucks. And it seems most of the worst stories come from dating apps. It’s either full of liars, or people who aren’t interested in a relationship at all but just dating, people who don’t look like their profile pictures at all, or the occasional idiot who thinks it’s is cool to start a conversation by sending a ** photo ad * upfront.

Dive even deeper, whether it’s Tinder, Bumble, Plenty of Fish or any of the hundreds of other dating apps, most of them start with looks. You open the app, immediately see photos of other singles (hopefully) and swipe one way if you find them attractive or another way if you don’t.

Of course, physical attraction is important. And feeling that doesn’t make you a superficial clown, it just does. But physical attraction is not everything, and a man from Maine created a dating app to exploit that.

Cardinal dating app

Andrew Howes is a 22-year-old Mainer who, first things first, is clearly awesome enough to create and develop a full-featured dating app. But the purpose of the app is a mix of giving people genuinely interested in dating and finding a relationship the chance to do so with personality and a possible connection first, and appearances second.

Andrew also mentioned that part of what prompted him to create this app was that many of his Gen Z colleagues apparently feel lonely regardless of the friends and people they have around them. .

Game-Based Off-Game Date Ideas

The unique part of the Cardinal Dating app is that it actually starts the process of matching users with a date idea. If your ideal date is to jump out of a plane and hope your parachute opens, the app guides you with that information in hopes of hooking you up with another daredevil. More of a low-key person who likes to spend an evening with board games and wine? Partner with another homebody starting with this information.

Appearance is secondary

As described on the Cardinal Dating site,

…physical attraction plays a role in overall compatibility, but we treat it as a secondary step in the matching process to encourage users to take a chance and accept people for who they are.

The app lets you see who likes your date idea, which also lets you see their profile, interests, where they’re from and what makes them tick. From then on, you can choose to correspond with them and have access to message them, or move on without issues, dramas, or nasty messages that leave hurt feelings.

Support local businesses

The other interesting thing about Cardinal Dating? Once more people in a given area start using the app, they will reach out to local community partners to promote local events as well as create and provide discount codes for dating hotspots.

Local singles perhaps turning into local couples who then go on to support local businesses? How do you not route for this app to explode huge? !

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