This dating app is aiming to be removed



A popular dating app has an interesting marketing angle. It’s called Hinge.

It advertises itself as: “The dating app designed to be deleted”. It means it will help you to find your soul mate then you can clear the app.

Hinge founder Jordan McLeod was a Harvard student who lost the love of his life to his drinking problem. So he didn’t like going to bars to meet people – now that he was sober. So he decided to create a dating app for people like him.

He was successful in raising seed money, but building an app is an expensive proposition. He and his developers were fast running out of money. So McLeod decided to throw a Hail Mary pass. He wanted to take the company’s last $25,000 and throw a big launch party. They were just waiting for the Apple App Store to accept Hinge’s app.

But a few days before the party, Apple denied the request. It was devastating news and most of the party’s money had already been spent.

McLeod started to panic – he was having a huge launch party with no app to launch.

Then, on the morning of the big party, Apple sent an email saying it had accepted Hinge.

That night, thousands of guests partied alongside DJs and enjoyed food and drink. The day after the party, Hinge was all the rage. The dating app uses a fun advertising strategy. It has a mascot – named Hingie – which is a furry version of the app icon.

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