The Spotify Stations app will be closed from May 16: here’s why


Spotify will shut down its radio-like listening app stations on May 16. The company has confirmed that its lightweight Spotify Stations listening app will no longer be available from mid-May. Also Read – Spotify Announces Music-Themed Virtual Island Coming to Roblox Called Spotify Island

The Stations app was originally designed for those who want a more radio-like experience, rather than having to search for music or customize their own playlists. Spotify Stations first launched in Australia in 2018, then rolled out in the US in 2019. Also Read – Spotify’s Car Thing Gets New Features Including Song Queuing, Call Answering, and More

“At Spotify, we regularly conduct a number of experiments to create better listening experiences for our users,” a spokesperson said in a statement to TechCrunch. Also Read – Spotify is testing a new feature to help listeners discover music through user-created playlists

“Some of these tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience and some are just for important learning. Our Spotify Stations Beta was one of those tests. We’ll be removing the current feature, but the users will be able to easily transfer their favorite stations and enjoy a similar radio experience directly within the Spotify app,” the spokesperson added.

Spotify did not specify the reason for its decision to shut down the stations, but noted that users can move all of their favorite stations to the main Spotify app to continue listening.

The company said that while it doesn’t take timeout services lightly, Spotify Radio offers a station-like listening experience so listeners can use it instead. Spotify Radio is a feature in the main app that creates a playlist based on any song, album, playlist or artist you select.

Meanwhile, Spotify has finally entered the metaverse by announcing it’s bringing its own island to Roblox called Spotify Island. This virtual space will allow players to make music, play games and interact with virtual artists. Spotify describes this island as “a sonic paradise where fans and artists from all over the world can come together and explore a wonderland of sounds, quests and exclusive products”.

Spotify Island features Spotify branding and has lots of green-colored landscape as well as heart-shaped “Like” icons that players can collect and purchase virtual merchandise from their favorite music artists. According to the music streaming platform, exclusive in-game virtual merchandising will allow artists to connect with their fans and earn money. A percentage of the sales made will go to the artists.

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