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Earlier this evening the Monday evening gross, Cedric Alexandre and Benjamin shelton of The injured company defended the RAW Tag Team Championship vs Kofi Kingston and Xavier Wood, The new day. To say that these two groups were at odds would be an understatement. Plus, they provided a unique contrast, pitting The New Day’s colorful and playful presentation against The Hurt Business’s upright demeanor. At the end of the match, The Hurt Business was left with one league less. For the fourth time, The New Day are the new RAW Tag Team champions. This distinction is particularly noteworthy for Kingston; next to Edge, he now holds a record 14 tag team titles in WWE.

After the match, The New Day were faced with AJ styles and Omos. Styles mentioned he had no plans for WrestleMania 37. Omos intervened, saying he and Styles should be the RAW Tag Team champions. To that end, Styles and Omos officially challenged The New Day for their newly won RAW Tag Team titles. Never a team to back down from a challenge, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods accepted. The RAW Tag Team Championship match is now scheduled for the biggest show of the year.

The New Day as RAW Tag Team Champions – What’s Next?

As previously reported, The New Day is set to defend the RAW Tag Team titles against the duo of AJ Styles and Omos at WrestleMania 37. Winning will not be easy for the champions, however. While Styles is a seasoned wrestler, not to mention a multiple-time WWE Champion, Omos’ size, strength, and overall presence make him a threat in his own way. Following WrestleMania 37, the red belts can be in possession of new champions. However, what if The New Day could overcome this next challenge? It’s safe to say that the landscape for tag teams on RAW will be crowded. Here are some potential suitors to consider.

The injured company

If Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin don’t immediately go head-to-head for the same titles they lost this week, it might come as a surprise to fans. For 85 days, Alexander and Benjamin hosted the RAW Tag Team Championship, defending it against teams such as Lucha house party. Needless to say, this recent loss came as a shock to The Hurt Business. However, even the most successful businesses experience setbacks. Maybe it’s time to rethink its strategy for The Hurt Business to claim the RAW Tag Team titles for the second time.


Another unit The New Day has disagreed with is the RETRIBUTION, led by the infamous Mustafa ali. Recently, luck has not been on the side of the renegade team, as the squad have struggled to secure victories. However, their mere presence on Monday Night RAW puts them in the running for the brand’s Tag Team Gold. Ali, like his team mates, has not forgotten the humiliation suffered by Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods. What better revenge can the RETRIBUTION demand than to remove the RAW Tag Team titles from the collective grasp of The New Day?

Along with the looming threat of AJ Styles and Omos to WrestleMania 37, it’s safe to say that The New Day has no shortage of competition. In fact, a new team may be on the rise, their goal being to succeed at the expense of the RAW Tag Team champions. As a group, The New Day has held 11 tag team titles in WWE. Don’t expect them to give up their newly won titles so easily.

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