The first 10 matches of the AEW World Tag Team Championship, ranked from worst to best



The AEW The tag team division has been one of the main strengths of the company since day one, with a particular focus on this form of wrestling, with the tag team championships being hugely important and on a par with other world titles.

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The quality of tag team wrestling has been stellar, with the promotion hosting perhaps the best tag team division on the planet. Compared to the men’s and women’s world titles, the belts have been defended more often, with the first 10 league games happening in a quicker, but still not too regular time frame to ensure matches feel special. There was a range of quality, with some matches going GOAT, while others were little more than decent.

ten Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs. Jimmy Havoc & Kip Sabian, AEW Dynamite, May 28, 2020

After not defending the titles for a few months, Page & Omega faced Jimmy Havoc and Kip Sabian, who provided no realistic threat. The only real bright spot from this match is that it gave the champions another victory on their record.

Other than that, it wasn’t too great, with the challengers not feeling like worthy opponents. The action was beautiful, but it lacked real interest.

9 SCU Vs Lucha Brothers Vs Private Party, AEW Full Gear, November 9, 2019

On paper, this match had the potential to be a total car crash that stole the show. However, in execution it was sometimes disjointed and messy. Some of the athleticism was good, but many spots felt overly choreographed which detracted from the quality.

It was still fun, fast-paced, and had some great moments, but it could have been a lot better than it was. There wasn’t too much of a storyline, which may have also affected the heat during the contest, even with the talented teams involved.


8 SCU vs. Young Bucks, AEW Dynamite, December 18, 2019

It’s not often the Young Bucks don’t steal the show, but this game was one occasion when things just didn’t click for them. The game itself was fine, but compared to other Bucks games it was a disappointment.

At around 10 minutes, the four men didn’t have enough time to develop a strong storyline, and it could be argued that the Bucks shouldn’t have been given a title shot so soon in AEW.

seven Adam Page and Kenny Omega Vs Natural Nightmares, AEW Dynamite, June 11, 2020

There was no way the team of Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall would win this match, but when the teams started to fight it didn’t matter because it was a fun tag team match.

It wasn’t anything too special, but everything was delivered perfectly, picking up speed as the fight progressed. It was an entertaining, if predictable, tag match.

6 SCU vs. Inner Circle, AEW Dynamite, November 13, 2019

With AEW World Champion Chris Jericho competing in this match, there was an added star power that previous title matches didn’t have. Jericho and Sammy Guevara were a fairly new alliance, Inner Circle having only been formed a month prior, but they showed great chemistry.

The match itself was fine, although very simple and within the rules. The most notable dish was Scorpio Sky picking up the win over Jericho, becoming the first AEW man to pin the World Champion, which was a surprising moment.

5 Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs. SCU, AEW Dynamite, February 12, 2020

The stakes for this match didn’t seem as high as their previous encounter, as the outcome was pretty much inevitable. However, even with the predictable outcome, the four men worked hard to get the crowd fully engaged.

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It was a very good game with a strong atmosphere, even if it was a step back from their last game, with a rematch between these two teams perhaps coming a little too soon.

4 SCU vs. Lucha Brothers, AEW Dynamite, October 30, 2019

This match crowned the first-ever AEW World Tag Team Champions, completing a great arc for SCU, who had to fight from below at numerous points during the tag team title tournament. Due to the different styles of performers, not everything clicked in this match, with a lack of chemistry at times.

All in all, it was still a good game, and the crowd was into it. SCU had a good time, winning the titles and making history as the first champions, with the Lucha Brothers looking good in defeat.

3 SCU vs. Adam Page & Kenny Omega, AEW Dynamite: Jericho Cruise, January 22, 2020

The setting for this match was extremely unique and it made the whole show special, as it took place on a cruise ship. Other than that, the match went very well, even though it started slowly.

The miscommunication between Omega and Page was a bit over the top, but it provided some great storytelling that would go on to become one of the best wrestling feuds in recent memory. The second half of this match was electric, the two teams linking up wonderfully, the crowd rushing for the change of title.

2 Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs. Lucha Brothers, AEW Dynamite, February 19, 2020

It was a phenomenal game, and one of the best games of the first six months or so of dynamite. At times it may have been a spot-fest, but it was an amazing display of athleticism, especially from the Lucha Brothers.

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The intensity was at its highest from the opening bell, with non-stop action for 15 straight minutes. Even though a Page & Omega win was the likely outcome, both teams managed to get the crowd to an incendiary level.

1 Adam Page & Kenny Omega vs. Young Bucks, AEW Revolution, February 29, 2020

Not only was it the best match of the night, and not only was it the best tag team match in AEW, but it’s also up there with the greatest matches of all time. Every second of this match was perfect, both in terms of in-ring quality and storytelling.

The crowd were hanging on the edge of their seats when they weren’t getting up and cheering, the nearby falls all being excellent. Adam Page’s history with The Elite was taken to an even higher level in this match, with all four men making history.

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