The Cambridge Amateur Radio Club makes contact with the ISS



The Cambridge Amateur Radio Club recently surfed the radio waves of this world when it connected to the International Space Station (ISS).

“It’s very rare that Canada can actually contact the ISS,” Cambridge Amateur Radio Club president Scott Mitchell told CTV News.

The club says the possibility of connecting to the ISS is a process it started more than two years ago.

“We actually made contact with the International Space Station where we spoke with an astronaut Kjell Lindgren,” Michell said.

A small group of children from Cambridge had the opportunity to ask the American astronaut all the questions they wanted, thanks to the hard work of the club.

And of course there was a series of questions ranging from “How fast does a rocket go?” to “Are there candies in space?” and of course the classic bathroom riddle.

This connection was made at the location of the former Cambridge Idea Exchange post office, and the library also broadcast the event live on its YouTube page.

Adding: “this is one of the few events that actually happened in Canada.”

The club says it applied pre-pandemic to a program called Amateur Radio on the International Space Station (ARISS).

The ARISS program is in partnership with NASA.

It was a lengthy application process that included about 60 pages of documents, Mitchell said.

Which, of course, was worth it in the end.

“Everyone was fair, for lack of better words, we were over the moon.”

The connection ended with astronaut Kjell Lindgren telling the group “best wishes from the International Space Station.”

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