The audience of the AIR application jumped 2 minutes in December 2021


Audience for All India Radio (AIR) live broadcasts on the NewsOnAir app jumped to two million in just one month in December of last year, with around 18 million listeners connected to the application.

In a statement issued on Monday, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said: “For the first time in the radio world, audiences are quantified in absolute numbers by the audience research team of Prasar Bharati. Listening to AIR’s live broadcasts on the “NewsOnAir” app increased by two million in the space of a month, with 18 million listeners connected to the app in December of last year. The figures for November were 16 million.

“In the monthly audience measurement of AIR live broadcasts by city on the app, the audience in Pune, Bengaluru, Indore and Nagpur was in the millions, while Patna, Lucknow and Delhi-NCR were close to a million, “he added.

In the latest ranking of the best cities in India where live AIR broadcasts on the app are most popular, Jaipur made a comeback by moving Ernakulam from the top list.

During major changes in the ranking of the country’s best AIR streams, FM Rainbow Mumbai found its way back into the top 10, while AIR News 24X7 slipped from the list. AIR Pune climbed the ranks from ninth to third place, while AIR Malayalam slipped to seventh place from third place. These rankings are based on data from December 16 to December 31 of last year.

Over 240 AIR radio services are broadcast live on the “NewsOnAir” application. The All India Radio streams on the app have a huge number of listeners not only in India but around the world, in over 85 countries across the globe.


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