The amateur radio community is invited to participate in the 60-meter MARS exercise




Radio amateurs are invited to participate in the ongoing MARS exercise until April 10 in support of the US Department of Defense. The five 60-meter frequencies channeled by USB are available for interoperability (communication between services).

By convention, channel 1 is referred to as a call channel. This convention is established to train the amateur radio community to reach out to Channel 1 in a national emergency for information from the federal government.

The amateur radio community uses 60 meters on a secondary basis with federal agencies.

This interoperability exercise and similar 60-meter exercises are conducted during the first full week of each month. Air Force MARCH has Sunday 0501 UTC through Wednesday 1701 UTC. The MARS army takes over from Wednesday 1701 UTC to Saturday 0501 UTC. There is no service crossing.

The 60-meter MARS interface operating agreement with the amateur community designates channel 1 as the main one. For the purpose of this exercise, Air Force MARS telephone operations will originate from channel 1, digital and CW operations on channel 2. In the event of congestion, either mode may direct its traffic to channels 3 to 5. The only digital modes allowed are CW, M110A, Olivia, MT-63, MFSK-16, FT-8 and RTTY. M110A will probably be of little or no use in this exercise.

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