The 10 longest reigns in the WCW World Tag Team Championship



The WCW World Tag Team Championships have had a long history filled with historic moments. There were a lot of very talented pairs in WCW, but only the best managed to win the tag titles.

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However, it’s one thing to win team gold and another to have a good, long title reign. At that time, there were a lot of ephemeral champions, who won the titles and dropped them in a matter of weeks, if not days. But there were also a handful of teams that managed to hold onto the titles for a long time, establishing their supremacy over the rest. For the purposes of the article, Doom’s 281-day reign was not included, as tag team titles were renamed during their time as champions after WCW severed ties with the NWA.

Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas – 105 days

Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas

November 18, 1992, at The clash of champions, Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas defeated Barry Windham and Dustin Rhodes to win the world tag team titles.

Steamboat and Douglas understood each other very well and made a pretty good team. They have successfully defended the title nine times on television, beating teams like Big Van Vader and Rick Rude, and Flyin ‘Brian and Steve Austin. However, the latter took their revenge and ultimately ended the reigns of Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas.

The Dangerous Alliance – 108 days

The dangerous alliance

The Dangerous Alliance (Arn Anderson and Beautiful Bobby Eaton) won the Tag Team Championship after defeating Dustin Rhodes and Ricky Steamboat in a Best Two Of Three Falls match.

Their first title defense was at SuperBrawl II against the Steiner brothers. The match was quite fun and Anderson and Bobby won by disqualification. But a few months later, the Steiner Brothers and The Dangerous Alliance clashed again, this time in a house show, and the Steiner won the titles.


Harlem Heat – 117 days

Harlem heat

Harlem Heat (Booker T and Stevie Ray) were 10 times WCW World Tag Team Champions, no other duo have managed to win more titles than them. This was their fourth title reign, which began on September 27, 1995 when they beat the American men (Marcus Alexander Bagwell and Scotty Riggs) at Saturday night recording.

As usual, Booker T and Stevie Ray delivered strong title games and had a great reign. After 117 days, Lex Luger and Sting beat Harlem Heat to win the belts on Monday Nitro.

The Steiner brothers – 152 days

The Steiner brothers

February 18, 1991, at WCW power hour, the Steiner Brothers defeated the Fabulous Freebirds (Jimmy Garvin and Michael Hayes) to become World Tag Team Champions for the first time in their careers.

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This reign was not as good as it sounds, because although Rick and Scott Steiner held the titles for 118 days, they only had one TV defense. The Steiner Brothers defeated Lex Luger and Sting in a truly clear match at SuperBrawl. Unfortunately, a month later, the brothers had to give up the title when Scott got injured.

Lex Luger & Sting – 154 days

lex luger and sting

Truth be told, there has always been a big difference in talent between Lex Luger and Sting. Luger was an ordinary wrestler while Sting was one of the best in the world. That said, Sting has always been the star of games and he’s the one who stole the show. However, it can be said that Lex Luger did a great job as Sting’s right-hand man.

That title reign began when they beat Harlem Heat in January 1996. Luger and Sting defended the title on several occasions and were great champions. Eventually, they lost the title to Harlem Heat in episode 41 of Monday Nitro.

Harlem Heat – 164 days

Harlem Heat and Sherri

It was Booker T and Stevie Ray’s first reigns and, oddly enough, it was also their longest. On December 8, 1994 at WCW Saturday Night, Harlem Heat, accompanied by Sister Sherri, defeated Stars And Stripes (Marcus Alexander Bagwell & The Patriot) to win team gold.

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No one expected Booker T and Stevie Ray to hold the titles this long. They had a solid reign, with a few interesting games including their loss to the Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs & Jerry Sags) at Slamboree 1995.

Hollywood Blondes – 169 days

Steve Austin Brian Pillman

The Hollywood Blonds were a really fantastic team made up of Flyin ‘Brian Pillman and Stunning Steve Austin. Both were very charismatic and incredibly talented wrestlers. They took the titles from Ricky Steamboat and Shane Douglas on March 3, 1993.

The Hollywood Blonds’ best game was probably at Beach Explosion 1993, when they beat Arn Anderson and Paul Roma to retain the titles. After that, Pillman suffered an injury, so Lord Steven Regal replaced him. Austin and Regal lost the titles to Anderson and Roma at Clash of Champions # 24.

Natural born thrillers – 205 days

Chuck Palumbo Sean O'Haire

Individually, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire weren’t the most talented superstars, but together they were truly amazing, capable of great things. The Natural Born Thrillers won the WCW World Tag Team Championship on January 14, 2001 by defeating The Insiders (Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash).

They held the titles for nearly seven months, but their reign came to an end when Palumbo and O’Haire lost to Kane and The Undertaker in episode number 104 of Smack down.

Bad Boys – 210 days

Bad boys

Like The Natural Born Thrillers, as singles stars Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags have never been a threat to anyone. However, when they joined forces, it was totally different. The Nasty Boys are three-time WCW Tag Team Champions.

Their best reign was the second, which lasted 210 days and began when the Nasty Boys defeated 2 Cold Scorpio and Marcus Alexander Bagwell at The devastation of Halloween 1993. Knobbs and Sags delivered several incredible matches, even when they lost the titles they staged, in this formidable fight against Cactus Jack and Kevin Sullivan at Spring Stampede 1994.

Foreigners – 231 days

Outsiders Kevin Nash Scott Hall Tag Team Champions

The Outsiders (Kevin Nash and Scott Hall) had the longest WCW World Tag Team reign in history. They had relinquished the titles to Lex Luger and The Giant to SuperBrawl VII, but the next day Eric Bischoff returned the belts to Nash and Hall to begin a new reign.

Kevin Nash and Scott Hall established never-before-seen dominance and held the titles for most of 1997. Finally, the Steiner Brothers managed to defeat The Outsiders in the Monday Nitro episode of October 13, 1997.

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