Tens of trillions of SHIBs could be burned with this new app: Details

Youri Molchan

Shibburn tracker has released an app to make Shiba Inu token prints much bigger than now


  • Alexa Skill is designed to burn billions, if not trillions, of SHIBs
  • Whales sell Shiba Inu for $12 million

Shibburn’s Twitter account, which is behind the burn tracking website of the same name, has announced the launch of a mobile phone app, which will make it easier to burn Shiba Inu tokens.

The app has been rolled out for Android and iOS platforms. The main application is also about to be released.

Alexa Skill is designed to burn billions, if not trillions, of SHIBs

Shibburn tweeted that the app called Alexa Skill was created for Shibburn Radio. On September 2, he presented this additional project which also involves burning Shiba Inu parts by sending them to dead addresses.

In early September, Shibburn also said in a tweet that a separate website would be launched for this project and that live DJs would work with him in a studio. At the time, Shibburn Radio was 95% complete.


In a tweet thread, Shibburn revealed that the goal of this project was to attract sponsors to burn larger quantities of SHIB and help increase its exposure to potential users. These sponsors would help run this radio station as others would be expensive.

The application was then mentioned as “another upcoming project”, allowing to remove “tens of billions, even trillions of SHIBs”. Currently, Shibburn also does regular but much smaller burns.

We have another project coming up, and we think it could burn tens of billions, maybe even billions of SHIBs.

Speaking of burning, according to Shibburn, in the past 24 hours, the SHIB Army managed to send 31,161,408 meme tokens to “inferno” wallets. This increased the burn rate by nearly 48% over the amount of SHIB previously burned.

Whales sell Shiba Inu for $12 million

Data shared by wallet-tracking service WhaleStats shows that over the past two days, top ETH holders have tossed an astonishing amount of Shiba Inu coins from their wallets.

On September 13, they held a total of $155,181,881 worth of SHIB – 12,910,306,239,600 meme coins.

The next day, according to the website, these wallets already had less SHIB – $145,441,075 of these tokens. Today, the amount of SHIB held by the largest Ethereum whales comprises the equivalent of $143,792,469.

Yet despite this, Shiba Inu has recently become the most watched asset across the world. This data was shared by the CoinMarketCap website. High interest is counted by the number of views received by the SHIB webpage on this platform.

Thus, in Africa, Asia, North America and South America, the second largest meme coin has become the third most viewed crypto after Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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