STINGER wins the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship



The CROSS 2021 to HIROSHIMA event for Professional wrestling NOAH were action-packed, including three major title games. One of the games in question featured a title change in the NOAH junior heavyweight team division. At the closing bell it was Seiki Yoshioka and Yuya Susumu of STINGER who beat Daisuke harada and Hajime ohara for the GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship.

Yuya Susumu has been with NOAH since the end of last year. Since his return to the promotion, he has become a staple of the STINGER faction. Over the past few months, he seemed to be in the lingo. That was, however, until a new member, Seiki Yoshioka, joined the faction. Yoshioka was a former faction mate of Hajime Ohara and was part of a faction called FULL throttle. Ultimately, Yoshioka turned against his faction and joined STINGER. Since then, Susumu and Yoshioka have become a NOAH tag team. They finally received a championship match at CROSS 2021 to HIROSHIMA.

In this match, Seiki Yoshioka and Yuya Susumu put in an excellent performance with GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team champions Daisuke Harada and Hajime Ohara. The match in question ended with new crowned champions to Yoshioka and Susumu. This is the second championship Yoshioka has hosted this year, as well as his first championship won at NOAH.

That night, STINGER would reach another night of domination, as HAYATA retained their GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship later on the show against YO-HEY. The first challengers of these new champions are currently unknown. For now, what is certain is that STINGER is once again leading the junior and team heavyweight divisions of the GHC.

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