State offers ‘Michigan Secure’ app to combat identity theft



Threats to digital devices are ubiquitous these days, but the State of Michigan is offering Michigan residents an easy and free way to protect themselves with the Michigan Secure mobile app.

The award-winning app can detect threats and suspicious activity on mobile devices and notify the user, without collecting or storing personal information.

Mobile security is extremely important as the number of threats continues to rise. Data published in the FBI’s Internet Crime Report reinforces the need for heightened vigilance, as mobile devices are not free of threats.

  • In 2021, 323,972 people in the United States reported being victims of phishing, vishing, smishing, or social engineering.
  • 36,034 cybercrimes reported to the FBI were facilitated by social media.
  • Michigan reported $181.6 million in casualty losses in 2021, ranking eighth for the highest casualty losses for US states and territories.

“A lot of people assume that their mobile devices are automatically secured and have security features installed,” said Laura Clark, the state’s chief information officer. “No device is secure out of the box. They are susceptible to unsecured Wi-Fi, phishing attempts, and other threats that malicious actors use to gain information or control of a device. These are things that Michigan Secure will help detect and alert users to suspicious activity.

Michigan Secure empowers users by informing them of the threats they face when interacting with an increasingly technology-driven world. The app warns users if the Wi-Fi they are trying to connect to could be compromised. Michigan Secure also checks if the links sent to you by email or SMS are safe or if there are any phishing attempts. It can also scan other Android mobile apps for potential threats and alert users before they are downloaded. Michigan Secure scans a database of known threat indicators to notify individuals of activity on their phone that matches a documented threat.

“We hear from many residents who are surprised that the state of Michigan is offering the Michigan Secure app for free,” Clark said. “Nowadays, it’s important to keep your phone information private. The app’s code and privacy configuration settings have been specifically designed not to collect any personal or device information in order to ensure user privacy. This is a feature you won’t see often, even in paid security apps.”

Michigan Secure is available for mobile devices running iOS 11 or higher, Android 6.0 or higher, and Chromebooks with Android app support. Michigan residents can download Michigan Secure from the App Store or Google Play. For more information, visit

To learn more about cybersecurity tips and tricks, visit the Michigan Cybersecurity website at

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