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The 2022 edition of MLB The Show has a new voice doing play-by-play with Jon “Boog” Sciambi taking over from Matt Vasgersian.

This year’s game should sound familiar to baseball fans as Sciambi is paired with Chris Singleton, his Sunday night baseball broadcast partner on ESPN Radio. And for those who don’t usually listen to the duo, the commentary should still be comfortable and smooth.

Sciambi appeared on 670 The Score’s Parkin & Spiegel to talk about the new concert, which took two and a half years to prepare, thanks to the pandemic. The broadcaster said it recorded more than 200 hours of audio to get all the player names, game types and other types of commentary that might typically be in a game broadcast.

Parkins noted that it all seems tedious. Although Sciambi said he enjoyed the people he worked with, he ultimately agreed that recording all kinds of calls, which can vary depending on score or situation, required many reps.

“I was blown away by how many permutations of a call I had to make and how many versions,” Sciambi said. “You know, low leverage, medium leverage, high leverage. They wanted me to get out of my shoes. I have to call a home run in a World Series game and a 10-1 game. And a 10-7 game, and a 10-9 game.

“Most of the time it was done with a script or with my ability to change the script… We did 200 hours and they cut some of our shows. Some of it is from Chris Singleton and Jon Sciambi calling plays together. Most of the time, it’s 200 hours which is usually scripted, but if I said I wouldn’t say that, they said “Don’t say it.”

Sciambi also demonstrated the many different ways he would have to say a player’s name. For example, saying a name during a play rather than telling a story. Or in an exclamation on a major piece.

Being the voice of a sports video game is a prestigious job. A whole contingent of fans and players who may not follow Major League Baseball closely, but love to play MLB The Show will identify Sciambi’s voice with sport. Maybe for years to come. But there’s definitely a lot of work to be done that fans and players may not fully appreciate.

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