Saturday VC Amateur Radio Club Activity


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This coming Saturday, July 30, from 8 a.m. to noon, the Valley Center Emergency Radio Club will be holding an activity in the parking lot of the Valley Center Community Church at the intersection of Cole Grade Road and Fruitvale Road.
This is in conjunction with the club’s involvement with San Diego ARES, which is part of a national emergency radio association.
The club’s Gary Asbury told The Roadrunner: “We’ll have our new communications trailer out there with all levels of radios, including capable ones around the world. The new Winlink communication system is also being demonstrated. Winlink enables the sending of e-mails, documents, images anywhere in the world during periods of total blackouts of electricity, mobile phones and ordinary telephones.
Last week, the club participated in the California State Hospital drill which is required for their state certification. Winlink is now a major part of these medical communications.
“Everyone is welcome to come see this gear in action,” Asbury said. “If you’re really nice, we might let you try a quick chat.”
For more information, call Gary Asbury N6GLS at 760-519-4718 or visit their website:

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