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KOCHI: While many are hooked on the ongoing Wimbledon tennis tournament, tennis fans across the state have another piece of news to celebrate. Veteran tennis player A Sanjaikumar who hails from Kuravankonam and player from Trivandrum Tennis Club has been enlisted as one of the players in India’s four-member squad to be part of the 2021 World Senior Tennis Team Championship organized by the International Tennis Federation. in Croatia from August 29.

Sanjaikumar has been playing tennis since childhood and for him, age is just a number. “Keeping up the pace in your 50s is tough. Thanks to my twice daily workouts and my exercise routine, I can maintain my health and stamina. Apart from the competition, it is a gathering of many talented players from all over the world,” explains Sanjaikumar who is also a businessman.

Sanjaikumar started his tennis career after becoming state junior champion in 1979-80. He was in the top 25 of the men’s national rankings and was ranked first in the 45+ doubles. The veteran also represented India at the senior world championships in 2014 and 2019. “Spain and France are tough teams to play against. The physical condition of European players is much higher than ours,” he says. Sanjaikumar will soon join his team in Delhi for a week of training before flying to Croatia.

His advice to young people is to never stop dreaming. “Keep going and never give up if you fail. Young players need to be disciplined and need to make sacrifices if they want to succeed in the game. Exposure to international tournaments is important to increase skill. As a coach, if I meet talented young players, I am ready to give them a personal training session and help them achieve their dreams,” he adds.

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