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With the largest number of suppliers to date, The 14th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival presented by Harmons returns to the Utah State Fairgrounds with an exciting variety of local handymen. In the following pages, we’ve spotlighted some of the artisan foodies, inventors, performers, vintage curators and members of the next generation of artisans who will be taking part in this year’s lively event. Check for more information on The 14th Annual Craft Lake City Craft Festival.

Photo: John Barkiple

No matter what the star of the video says, radio isn’t going anywhere for the Salt Lake Crossroads Amateur Radio Club (SLCARC). T Michael Smithone of the club’s founders, and members of the outreach team James Bennett and Mike McAinsh explain the appeal of the radio with a view to their DIY Lake City Crafts Festival Appearance: “With so much to learn and do in amateur radio, you’ll never be bored with all it has to offer,” they say.

SLCARC was founded in 2014 to help Salt Lake City Emergency Management with disaster communication, but the club offers a variety of options to explore this multi-faceted hobby in depth. Whether it’s helping new hams with “mic scares” or providing a location to get licenses, SLCARC is a space for everyone. “Whether you’ve been fired for years or just getting started in the hobby, you’ll find a welcoming community of radio amateurs at Crossroads who will help answer your questions, help you install antennas or program that new radio and help you will make people feel welcome on the air,” the team says, stressing the importance the club places on making the radio accessible to users with disabilities.

At craft party, SLCARC will show you just how uninvolved you need to be, with explanations of homemade antennas and how to turn your computer into a receiver. “We hope to inspire our visitors to pay more attention to their personal and neighborhood emergency preparedness,” the club says.

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