Russian Chess Federation wins Women’s World Team Championship



Russia beats India

Kateryna Lagno played a big role for the Russian team, as she won both matches of the final against India and finished the event with a score of 9/10.

Lagno’s victory over Kulkarni Bhakti in the first leg against the Indians was particularly significant, as “the CFR team” won this set by the smallest margin. The game had a whole series of instructive moments regarding the correct handling of pawn movements.

Kateryna Lagno facing Kulkarni Bhakti, while behind them Aleksandra Goryachkina plays Harika Dronavalli

The second leg was then clearly won by the Russians by 3-1. In their second encounter, Aleksandra Goryachkina did not lose to Harika but contributed with a draw, while Lagno and Polina Shuvalova scored plenty of points. Shuvalova alternated with Alina Kashlinskaya on board 4.

2021 Women's World Team Championship

The knockout bracket


The Indians have returned home with silver medals

All Games – Knockout


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