ROH TV Results: Six-Party Tag Team Championship Match – WON / F4W



Site: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Quinn McKay has revealed that she is out of her regular hospitality duties due to her match which is scheduled for tonight, which means Delirious is the guest host. Before Delirious arrived, McKay pulled names out of a pumpkin to decide on the joker teams to take part in a special Halloween four-cornered team fight later that night.

Delirious walked in and spat out a bunch of inaudible words as match cards scrolled across the screen, including a ROH Six Man Tag Team championship fight between current champions Shane Taylor Promotions (Taylor, Moses and Kaun) and the trio of PCO, Danhausen and Sledge. Additionally, female world champion ROH Rok-C teams up with Quinn McKay to take on Miranda Alize and Max The Impaler.

Max The Impaler and Miranda Alize (with Amy Rose) defeated Quinn McKay and Rok-C (6:37)

This match went well, but suffered from a lack of pace and never felt like it had hit its stride.

Rok-C and Alize started the match, but fell to the ground immediately. Both women displayed fierce punching abilities as they flipped into the corner, prompting McKay to intervene. McKay tried to separate the women and let cold heads prevail, but went back and forth with Alize as the first commercial break ensued.

When the break returned, Alize started to tire from the time she had spent in the match. Although tired, she was constantly distracted by Rok-C and removed her from the apron at one point. After McKay missed a few shots, Alize was able to score Max.

Max walked in and lifted McKay onto their shoulders, while also picking up Rok-C with their hands. The two were slammed on top of each other, but Alize identified herself and went to pick up the bones. After nailing McKay while sleeping and having only substantiated two counts, Alize tagged Max. Max lifted McKay and Rok-C onto their shoulders, throwing them onto the mat. Max lifted McKay up and hit her signature backbreaker, as Alize scored it one last time and pinned herself.

Rey Horus and Silas Young defeated Demonic Flamita and O’Shay Edwards, Flip Gordon and Matt Taven, and EC3 and World Famous CB in a Wildcard Trick Or Treat Halloween Tag Team Four-Corner Survival Match (11:29)

Although it was a very fancy game, I enjoyed this game for what it was. Maybe a little too long, but it was still more than good.

CB and Young started the fight. After exchanging a few pinfall attempts, Young seemed impressed with CB and identified Horus. Flamita stormed the ring and threw CB out, meaning Flamita and Horus were the legal men. Horus sent Flamita to pack her bags after a soft-headed scissor withdrawal, meaning Gordon would jump off his tensioner and shoot Horus down. Gordon hit a series of moves from his 2018 character, including a dropkick that sent Flamita into the hills.

EC3 stepped into the ring, prompting Gordon to present himself as if it was 2018. Gordon dodged a few clotheslines from EC3 before tagging his partner, Matt Taven. Taven took the lead over EC3 and kicked him as a publicity ensued.

When the break returned, Edwards beat Taven. Edwards tagged Flamita, who asked Horus to come and help him overtake Taven. After the duo pulled off a few punches together, Flamita gave Horus a super kick.

The match broke up at this point, almost everyone in the match stepped into the ring. Taven dove for Edwards at ringside, who had CB in his hands. Horus would then dive on Taven and CB, followed by Flamita diving on all three.

The end of the match saw Horus and CB have a small trade, but Horus managed to score a 450 splash. Horus’ partner Young entered the ring and knocked out Horus, before landing the pin himself.

ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, Moses, Kaun) defeated PCO, Danhausen and Sledge in a title match (8:33)

Even though it was extremely entertaining, I would have preferred the match to have been extended for a few minutes to give it more meaning and meaning.

Danhausen and Moses started. Danhausen tried to knock the tall man off his feet, but encountered a shoulder block. Before Moses could inflict more pain, Danhausen asked him to score Taylor. Taylor walked in, ripped Danhausen’s arm off and delivered a low jaw strike that knocked him out of the ring. Sledge and Taylor clashed and traded strikes for a commercial break.

The PCO made their shtick as the game came back from the break, hitting everyone in sight. He removed the turnbuckle cover and tossed the three STP members in headfirst, before diving headfirst onto the hard ground at ringside. After the PCO regained its composure, it tagged Sledge who encountered Taylor’s right knee. Danhausen came in and had some success against Taylor, hitting a standing pump.

The end of the match saw the PCO plunge on Sledge, while Danhausen was attacked 3-1. Moses and Kaun managed a double team move to Danhausen which was followed by a piledriver from Taylor, which ensured the final victory.

Final thoughts:

With the news from ROH hiatus, it’s hard to be super invested in the product given that it all ends very soon. It will be interesting to see if the company pivots to a non-scripted show in the coming weeks and puts on some really good matches. Overall, however, it was a good TV edition that had three fun games before the final battle. This was by no means a must-see show, but if you’re just looking for an easy-to-watch hour-long show. it should be on your list.

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