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With the rapid development of science and technology, the smart market is becoming more and more popular. The smart phone and smart home appliances have gradually become the norm of life, and the development of the beauty industry is also becoming more and more scientific and intelligent. Intelligent household beauty instruments have begun to enter people’s daily lives. In short, beauty products are attached with APP.

How to understand the design scenario of smart beauty instrument + beauty app?

A new generation of APP intelligent beauty instrument, connects the instrument, user operation and user data information as a “Bluetooth connection”, and provides detailed video tutorials on the APP, which helps new users get started quickly. After downloading and installing the APP, user can turn on the Bluetooth switch (keep on) according to the instrument system user guide, register an account, enter device management and make relevant settings according to the actual situation of the user; Additionally, users can create their own information in the user management interface to track usage records and influence. Besides the function of form adjustment by users themselves, the instrument can also help users organize usage plans, effectively urging users to insist on using the instrument to achieve desired results. The instrument also has the function of assigning application data. After each use of the equipment, the instrument will timely assign the relevant information to the user and demonstrate the corresponding application data for the user’s reference for later use.

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Product link of this product:

Compared with traditional beauty instruments, what are the advantages of the new generation of APP smart beauty instruments?

In general, the APP smart beauty instrument is more convenient and can be used at home, in leisure, in a beauty salon or in tourism. It applies to a wider range of different body parts, such as face, legs, abdomen, hips, waist, back and hands. It can easily help users manage their body and face anytime, anywhere.

keep fit and lose weight

According to statistics from the survey data, nearly a third of the world’s population is overweight or obese. Health problems caused by obesity are showing an explosive growth trend. Obesity has become a problem that cannot be ignored in people’s lives.

Compared with going to the gym to exercise, the new generation of smart APP beauty instruments with a sense of technology and intelligence can easily solve the difficulty of fat reduction at home. The instrument has a collective intensive acoustic head, which can send out 40KHZ intensive wave to vibrate fat cells at the highest speed and generate a large number of vacuum air bags inside and outside the fat cells. It strongly affects the inward explosion of fat cells so as to break down triglycerides into glycerol and free fatty acids. Then, the glycerol and free fatty acids are discharged through the hepato-intestinal circulation by the radio frequency wave with a frequency of 1M HZ. Finally, vacuum RF and an energy electrode are used to locate and tighten the fat. In physics, we speak of “cavitation”. The explosion of pores inside and outside of cells can lead to enhanced molecular movement and higher energy level, which leads to the breakdown of fat cells and ultimately the effect fitness and weight loss.

Brighten the complexion

The new generation of smart APP beauty instruments uses high frequency and output voltage to directly act on the skin, improving skin vitality. It also stimulates high frequency subcutaneous blood circulation, so as to improve the problem of dull skin color and facial spots.

What’s more, the new generation of smart APP beauty instruments combines infrared heating and LED light management, with a large and bright irradiation area, which effectively stimulates collagen to make our skin tender, smooth, firm and radiant. Of course, to lighten the skin, you also need to eat more vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C and vitamin E at ordinary times to effectively inhibit the formation of melanin.

eliminate wrinkles and rejuvenation

The new generation of APP smart beauty instruments adopts multi-frequency RF and new turbocharging, which can stretch collagen effectively. And scientifically use dynamic muscle activation technology to quickly elevate the mandibular line; with the further upgrade of the temperature sensor and intelligent temperature control system, the effective temperature can be reached quickly and the skin temperature can be maintained stably. Real-time temperature monitoring can accurately stimulate the skin to produce protein, stretch the skin and reduce facial wrinkles (eye lines, decrement lines, head lift lines, eyebrow lines, etc. ). It effectively improves the symptoms of early facial aging by balancing “efficient energy” and “intelligent safety”.

In addition, the new generation of APP smart beauty instruments is safer and less painful (VAS score is less than 1). No adverse events and downtime. In the 3-month follow-up evaluation, 81.8% of subjects improved and 18.2% of users had significant improvement in wrinkles and sagging skin.

Tighten the outline

As mentioned above, the new generation of APP intelligent beauty instruments uses multipolar RF (multiple bipolar RF functions at the same time), or through technology to control the change of each electrode to achieve the effect of even distribution of the energy field, which is equivalent to the superposition of multiple bipolar RF.

The new generation of smart APP beauty instruments adopts the latest colorful photoelectric comb: blue light (470nm), can destroy Propionibacterium without damaging the skin, and greatly reduce acne in a short time. It can remove acne and repair skin without leaving scars. The green light (520 nm) has the function of helping to neutralize, balance and stabilize. It can reduce the oil secretion of the skin, balance the proportion of water and oil, and effectively help to relax. Yellow light (590nm) can improve cell oxygen exchange, replenish skin cell energy, decompose pigment, reduce skin roughness, wrinkles, and relieve skin redness and fever. Red light (630nm), known as bioactive light, can improve cell activity, accelerate metabolism, promote collagen formation, repair damaged skin, shrink pores, tighten skin, and resist aging. Violet light, which is the dual frequency of red light and blue light, combines the energy of red light and blue light. It is particularly effective in repairing and eliminating acne. Cyan light can gradually increase cell energy and promote metabolism. The laser can penetrate deep into the skin, promote active tissue metabolism, dissolve spots, and improve wrinkles and sagging.

The key to intellectualization is to make life more convenient, simplify the process of use, and make items more suitable to the minds and needs of users. For the new generation of smart APP beauty instruments, consumers can make reasonable judgment and choice according to their own preferences, experiences and habits!

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