RK-Bro Wins Second Raw Tag Team Championship



In this week’s opening contest Monday night raw, Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) defended the Raw Tag Team Championship against RK-Brother (Randy Orton and Screen) and the team of Seth Rollin and Kevin Owens. RK-Bro has been at odds with the champions for weeks, participating in various academic and other challenges to earn a title opportunity. Rollins and Owens served as wildcards, throwing their proverbial hats into the ring as a title win would lead them to a WrestleMania match. At the end of this match, however, RK-Bro emerged victorious with their second Raw Tag Team Championship victory.

As Orton and Riddle celebrated their new Raw tag team titles, the other teams seemed devastated by the loss. This was especially true for Owens, who sat down against the steel steps in disbelief, and Rollins, who walked back up the banister with a distant expression on his face. You should ask yourself what WrestleMania implies for them, as well as the former champions of Alpha Academy.

RK-Bro Captures Raw Tag Team Titles

What to know about the new two-time champions

With this victory, as previously mentioned, RK-Bro is now 2x Raw Tag Team Champions. They first won the titles last August when they defeated A.J. Styles and Omos at Slam summer. Randy Orton and Riddle would go on to defend the titles against a number of teams ever since. These opponents included, but were not limited to, Dirty Dawgs (Dolph Ziggler and Robert Rode) and MVP and former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley. RK-Bro would eventually relinquish the titles to Alpha Academy earlier this year, with their first reign ending at 142 days.

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