Renee Paquette shares her thoughts on the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship


Former WWE commentator Renee Paquette (fka Renee Young) has given her thoughts on the overall presentation of the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The titles were introduced in February 2019 and were immediately touted as a prestigious award for superstars to aim for. Except for its initial glory, the Women’s Tag Team Championship hasn’t featured prominently on the company’s lineup as of late.

speaking on Cast with Renee and MieshaPaquette explained how the Women’s Tag Team Championship quickly lost its spark.

“Women’s titles have only been around in WWE for a few years and as soon as they were brought in they were big for about 30 seconds and then nobody cared. There were no real women’s teams. and they lost their luster very quickly.” Renee added, “The best case scenario is that they finally let these women do what they want and really start working on the tag division.” (From 29:56 to 30:27)

Until last week, the championship was held by Sasha Banks and Naomi. However, the pair shocked the wrestling world last week when they left RAW, leading to the company stripping them of their titles.

WWE will hold a tournament to crown the new Women’s Tag Team Champions

Michael Cole announced last Friday on SmackDown that a tournament will be held at a later date to crown the new champions.

However, with the exception of Natalya and Shayna Baszler, as well as the relatively new partnership between Doudrop and Nikki ASH, WWE has very few tag teams on their current roster.

Due to a lack of main teams, Dave Meltzer reported in the Wrestling Observer that WWE might be looking to bring in some NXT teams to fill the other spots.

“They sent a message to NXT to think about some women who could be a team,” Alvarez said. .'” (H/T WrestlingNewsCo)

One team that could be heavily favored if they enter the tournament is the duo of Gigi Dollin and Jacy Jayne. The pair are the current NXT Women’s Tag Team Champions as part of the ‘Toxic Attraction’ stable, along with Mandy Rose.

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