Qatar Foundation to host World Mathematics Team Championship in November



To nurture and encourage the country’s bright learners, Qatar Foundation’s (QF) Pre University Education (PUE) will host the World Mathematics Team Championship later this year with the participation of more than 1,500 students.
“We continue to develop specialization opportunities, enrichment programs and targeted courses with gifted students in mind. Our next big project will be the World Mathematics Team Championship event. said Cynthia Lynn Bolton, Head, Gifted Education, PUE Academic Affairs.
“We will be hosting the mega event in November this year with an expected attendance of over 1,500 students from all over the world in Qatar. At the Qatar Foundation, educating the gifted is a primary goal, ”continued Bolton.
The “Qatar Foundation Talent Enhancement Programs” were recently launched to identify and support the needs of bright young students in Qatar and are supported by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.
Bolton said PUE is always on the lookout for new partners to support gifted students in any way they can.
“We have already signed the cooperation agreement with the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. We hope that this cooperation will lead to the development of many future opportunities for our gifted students both locally and internationally. Our partnership with the World Mathematics Team Championships is another example of an exciting leading event that nurtures and promotes the development of our brilliant students in Qatar, ”she explained.
Currently, a total of 260 students are identified as academically gifted in QF schools, representing approximately 6% of the total school population for grades K-12. About 75% of gifted students identified in QF schools are Qataris.
According to Bolton, enhanced educational experiences should include opportunities to progress more quickly through the program, to skip or condense topics the student is already familiar with, and to explore, on a more in-depth level, topics of great interest to them. .
“Teachers need to make the pre-testing part of their regular teaching routine and be prepared to offer alternatives to gifted students who are proficient in the subject to be taught. Gifted students shouldn’t have to repeat the curriculum they already know and should never be given a busy job to keep them busy while they wait for other students to catch up, ”she said. .
The manager stressed that identifying gifted children is the most important part of the program. She noted that the gifted child, like all children, needs teachers who can understand giftedness and a tailored educational experience that helps them grow in the most optimal way.
“For some students, this may mean entering an accelerated program; for others, it’s an opportunity to dig deeper into a subject and learn at a deeper level. QF Gifted Students need time to work with other gifted children. This opportunity to learn with their intellectual peers and to be challenged through a healthy level of competition is the key to the success of gifted children, ”she argued.
“Our goal is to provide gifted students with a place to learn and engage with like-minded peers and to participate in high-interest enrichment opportunities under the guidance of teachers trained to encourage, motivate and support gifted students. Gifted students, like all students, deserve to grow academically at the pace where they feel most comfortable, ”added Bolton.

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