Pretty Deadly Wins NXT Tag Team Championship After Controversial WWE Worlds Collide Finale



Pretty Deadly left NXT Worlds Collide as the undisputed NXT Tag Team Champions.

The team of Elton Prince and Kit Wilson have already enjoyed a reign as NXT Tag Team Champs since calling it NXT 2.0, but were dethroned by the currently reigning Creed Brothers of the Diamond Mine.

After NXT UK shut down, the dominant Gallus faction (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang) were also brought to the US, along with the NXT UK Tag Team titles, held by US-based team Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen . The four teams faced off in an Elimination Tag Team Match at NXT Worlds Collide to unify the tag team titles of both brands.

Briggs & Jensen were the first to be eliminated by Gallus, but not before Falon Henley could brawl with Lash Legend, who was accompanying Pretty Deadly. The Scots were then eliminated, by an impressive offensive of the Creed Brothers.

It was the first time Gallus had been pinned in five months. They would continue the fight with Briggs & Jensen on the outside. Amid the confusion, Damon Kemp interfered in the match, attacking his own Diamond Mine allies, The Creed Brothers.

This allowed Pretty Deadly to claim victory, and both sets of titles, under very questionable circumstances. With the NXT Tag Division really in turmoil, a pair of challengers will certainly be lining up for the Brits in the near future.

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