Polaroid announces music expansion with speakers, radio and app



American camera company Polaroid has announced a surprising new expansion of its brand, launching Polaroid Music along with several new products and an accompanying app.

The company launched four speakers: P1, P2, P3 and P4. The former is a small, square-shaped player, while the latter is larger and oval-shaped. P3 sees the model of P2 adapted to include a handle, similar to the boom-box design, while P4 is the larger speaker and can be mounted on a stand. The four speakers will be available in multiple colors.

Watch the new commercial for Polaroid Music below:

In a press release, Polaroid President Oskar Smolokowski expressed his excitement for the company’s new launch.

“Great musicians and photographers capture what we can’t always express in words – they make us feel,” he said, justifying the parallels between Polaroid’s usual camera-based focus and his new adventure in music.

“We’re new to the world of music, but we want to bring as much color and emotion to the space as possible. We are delighted with this new chapter, while remaining as committed to instant photography as ever.

In addition to the Polaroid Player speakers, the company has also launched Polaroid Radio, which can be accessed through the speakers themselves. It’s described by the company as “an ever-changing stream of commercial-free FM stations” that doesn’t interfere with phone reception or Bluetooth adaptation. The Polaroid Music app is also said to give customers “complete control of your music player” and will provide access to Polaroid Radio away from speakers.

Polaroid was founded as a company in 1937 and reached the peak of its popularity and commercial success in the early 90s. Although it went bankrupt twice in the 2000s, iterations of the company and its cameras have persisted in popular culture – most recently acquired by Smołokowski’s father, Slava, in 2017.

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