Online payday loan – Up to € 1,200 in minutes

If you need to get liquidity in a few minutes, compare and find the instant credit that suits you best. You can get up to 1,200 euros in a matter of 15 minutes. Compare the market offers and get the instant mini loan that best suits your needs.

Where will they grant me an immediate mini loan?

Traditionally, whenever we have needed to get any kind of credit, we have had to move to the classic bank branch to ask for it. Then, after a series of visits and carry out paperwork and paperwork with each entity, we have finally been able to grant the loan we needed, or not. However, with the crisis, the bank closed the door to the granting of credit and it was in this context that the private lenders emerged.

These entities now grant a quick, convenient and accessible product for a wider range of profiles that solves the liquidity problems that many people suffer in their day today. With a product of these characteristics, such as the immediate mini loan, these lenders have made a very important role in the financial market. Not only that, but these lenders have entered the financial world at a time when we have to adapt to new technologies and they have done so. Currently, all private companies offer their immediate mini loans through their web pages and this fact has generated that conventional banks are gradually adding to the online world.

An online payday loan highlighted by two main characteristics: speed and comfort. They are products that allow us to obtain financing in a matter of minutes, that is, the entire application process will not take us more than 15 minutes and we can dispose of the money in our account instantly. This is possible because your application is completely online, that is, through any device with an Internet connection. They offer us great comfort and ease since we will not waste time on travel or paperwork.

Main purposes of the immediate mini loans

The minicréditos allow us to get an extra liquidity in just minutes to solve specific incidentals that can unbalance our economy as traffic tickets, bank overdrafts, make a medical visit … are situations in which an immediate mini loan comes great. When the need to get money is urgent, it is advisable to search and compare among all the mini credits of the market to be able to choose which is the mini immediate loan that suits us best.

However, we must remember that the mini immediate loans are designed to get us out of trouble at specific moments, not for us to use them regularly. To solve a breakdown in the home or to pay a fine with a discount for prompt payment, among others, these products will be very effective, because they will allow us to get the money we need in minutes and resolve the problem quickly.

On the other hand, it is not advisable to hire them systematically, because we would run the risk of ending up over-indebted. In addition, the most important thing is that we make sure that we can return the borrowed capital in the agreed time, otherwise we will be penalized for the delay that can cause us serious economic problems.

How much does a quick mini loan cost?

The price of mini fast loans is not fixed, that is, each entity establishes its own fees so the cost will vary depending on the company we go to. Generally, the average price of these products is 1.1% per day, so that the more money we request, the more interest we will have to pay.

To know if we are dealing with an expensive or cheap mini-credit, or to compare them among them, the best we can do is calculate how much it will cost us 100 euros to return after a month. As we have said, the average price will be 133 euros, in total. If we get one with a price lower than 1.1 euros per day, we will be faced with a cheap mini urgent loan.

The APR, on the other hand, is not a good indicator to know the price of these products because it calculates the price that we will have to pay after one year. However, these products are designed to reimburse them within a maximum of 30 days, although in some exceptional cases they may reach 45 days.

How can I get an urgent mini credit?

If we have studied our economic situation and the answer to the solution we are looking for is in the mini credits, the next thing we have to do is to know which company offers us the best conditions to grant us the immediate mini loan. Once we have chosen the option that best suits our needs, the first thing that we will have to do is select the amount and the term in which we will return it. Then we will fill in a small online form and wait for the company to pre-accept or not the request.

Now it’s the turn of the company, that in just 5 minutes will send us an email pre-accepting or not the request of the quick mini-credit. If the loan has been granted, we will be asked to send a few documents to verify the information we have added in the form.

Afterward, they will send us the contract that we will have to accept the conditions established by the company. Once this is done, the company will make a transfer to the indicated bank account. If our account belongs to one of the banks with which the lender of the mini easy loan works, we can enjoy the money in less than 15 minutes if not, the transfer will take effect in a maximum period of 48 hours.

How can we return a mini loan immediately?

The vast majority of the immediate mini-credits are reimbursed after a maximum of 30 days by the payment of a single fee, which includes both the loaned capital and the fees. To be able to make the reimbursement, the companies usually put at the disposal of the client’s several methods of payment so that they can choose the one that suits them:

  • Bank transfer: it is the most used way to reimburse the money fast. The lender will make available to us different bank accounts for us to make the transfer so that we can choose the one that is associated with the same bank of which we are clients (in case there is one). It is important that we specify our personal data when making the transfer so that the bank knows that we have been.
  • Payment in cash: we can return the money requested physically going to a bank where the company has an associated account and the only thing we have to do is enter the money detailing our data and the payment concept for the record to be done.
  • Payment by card: it is a process similar to an online purchase. We will simply have to reimburse the money from the immediate mini loan with our debit card.
  • Domiciliation of payment: this option is more recurrent when we repay loans of greater magnitude. It is about automating the payment so that the transfer is made on the established date and we make the copper directly from the associated current account.

To avoid possible confusion when returning the money quickly, it is essential that we correctly identify the reimbursement with our identifying data so that the entity knows that we have been the ones who have done it and settle the debt without generating any type of confusion.

Discover the new mini fast loans

Each time there are more entities that modify their conditions and characteristics to be able to capture different profiles. In this way, the lenders try to differentiate themselves from the rest and be more attractive to get new customers. In many cases, these advantages will depend on whether we are new or old customers.

One of the great advantages that many companies are including is the granting of new immediate mini – credits without any interest, so we can get financing for free. Generally, they will require us to be new clients or to reimburse the money in a shorter period of time.

Tamibén is possible to find several entities that offer discounts or promotions with which we can lower the price of these products. The terms have also been modified by some lenders, that is, one of the main characteristics of the mini loans is that they are returned after 30 days from their request and in a single installment, however, some companies allow us to do so in different fees and in a longer period of time.