NTIA investigates the state of mobile app competition



The Biden administration is seeking information on competitiveness, or lack thereof, in the mobile app market.

The public notice announcing a request for comment from the National Telecommunications & Information Administration, the White House’s chief communications policy adviser, suggests there is a problem that needs to be addressed.

“Restoring competition in the U.S. technology sector is a key priority of the Executive Order on Promoting Competition in the U.S. Economy,” the notice begins.

The NTIA said the information gathered will help shape the administration’s policy agenda, including for a report to be submitted to the head of the White House Competition Council.

Also: FTC and Justice seek comment on big tech mergers

Separately, the Biden administration has gathered information about the competitiveness of online businesses in general in an effort to potentially revamp merger guidelines to prevent what some see as Big Tech’s efforts to buy the monopoly by gobbling up money. smaller competitors, or potential competitors, before they become large enough to trigger antitrust concerns from the Department of Justice or the Federal Trade Commission. ■

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