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Onchan, Isle of Man

People love to listen to music all over the world and there is a growing interest in listening to other people’s playlists. To meet the growing demand to get paid by listening to music apps, Saliio Ltd, a pioneer in music apps and live streaming, recently launched its Radio Fin app which rewards members for creating and sharing their reading lists.

Not Just Another Get Paid By Listening To Music App

With Radio Fin, members will earn crypto token rewards when they create a playlist of their favorite songs. Members can then share their playlist in the community within the app and also on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Members are encouraged to share their playlists using the tools available in the Radio Fin app. When other people listen to their playlists, they will earn more crypto tokens. Additionally, members earn crypto tokens simply by listening to playlists, songs, podcasts, or radio in the app. Radio Fin is the world’s leading music tap.

Saiio Ltd CEO Eric Zoltan said: “Since we launched Radio Fin, the response has been incredible. Thousands of people all over the world are going crazy over this app”. Zoltan then explained why his company, Saiio, created Radio Fin.

“People are really interested in other people’s favorite songs. Song playlists are popular on other platforms, so we decided to create an app that makes it easy for people to create their playlists and earn money at the same time. There are other apps that people use to get paid for listening to music, but Radio Fin is different.”

Focus on creating a community of playlists

Zoltan also said, “When we designed Radio Fin, we wanted the focus to be on creating a community where members could share their favorite songs and engage with each other. We have created an integrated community within the Radio Fin app which has proven to be very popular with members”.

He went on to say that “RadioFin members actively encourage their friends to sign up on the app so they can earn money by creating their individual playlists and listening to music. We provide members with a unique affiliate link and reward them for every new member they bring to the app”.

Radio Fin Features

When people sign up for Radio Fin for free, they get access to the following features:

— Immediate sign-up bonus

– The ability to create multiple playlists and earn crypto tokens

— Access to the Radio Fin community to share playlists with other members and to ask questions and start conversations

– Trending feature that reveals the most popular songs on the app

– Check out the feature where members can find songs by genre

– Search function allowing members to find their favorite songs

– Radio feature where members can listen to live radio stations from around the world

— Members can listen to any song that exists on Spotify and YouTube and podcasts around the world

There is also a portfolio feature where members can access their unique affiliate link to share with people they know and get rewarded when their friends sign up. Members can withdraw crypto tokens to a wallet or select a gift card from over 600 companies when they have reached the minimum balance.

As with other paid listening music apps, it is free to sign up with Radio Fin. Register for free at

Contact information:
Name: Eric Zoltan
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Organization: Saliio Ltd.
Address: Avondale Court, Douglas, Onchan IM3 4EB, Isle of Man

Build ID: 89077778

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