MTN Uganda and YOTV launch revamped app with more entertainment channels


YOTV, in partnership with MTN Uganda, on Friday launched a redesigned YOTV app with a collection of diverse content including Movies, Live TV, Live Radio, Music, Comedy, Podcasts, Kids Entertainment, among others.

During the unveiling of the new app at MTN headquarters in Kampala, Aggrey Mugisha, the CEO of YOTV Channels, said that they have expanded their current offering from a few options to a wide variety of live content and video on demand. covering over 60 live TV shows. channels, over 50 live radio stations, over 140 artists and comedians, music, over 2000 movies and much more.

“We couldn’t have done all of this without our great partner MTN and of course our brilliant content creators. We are therefore excited to engage with more content creators to accompany us on this journey, including musicians, filmmakers, comedians and others,” Mugisha said.

Aggrey Mugisha, CEO of YOTV Channels, unveils the revamped YOTV app.

As YOTV evolves into a super entertainment app, Mugisha said, it has unveiled several new products including; Bolingo Extra, which is about Ugandan music, comedy and reality shows, Muto, a product designed for children’s educational entertainment (a creative blend of education and entertainment) and Kibanda Express, a Ugandan film platform , has been redesigned and given a better user interface and user live.

Another new channel is e-Mikolo, which features exciting events for Ugandan audiences.

Speaking at the launch, Susan Kayemba, Senior Director of Digital Services at MTN Uganda, said MTN’s partnership with YOTV is underpinned by MTN’s mission to champion local content consumption by providing customers with a transparent platform. , convenient and affordable.

“The potential of YOTV channels to bring local content to the world is absolutely indisputable. With the recently unveiled products, we are optimistic that more people will enjoy more Ugandan content. As MTN, we are here to support Ugandan innovations and YOTV is the epitome of that,” she said.

Kayemba added that YOTV subscription comes with data so customers can enjoy more TV anytime, anywhere.

“The partnership between MTN and YOTV is underpinned by MTN’s commitment to leading digital innovations for Africa’s progress, as stated in its Ambition 2025,” she added.

Musician King Michael Commedian Senga Sebanga and other celebrities at the YoTV launch at MTN headquarters on Friday.

According to Mugisha, the launch of the new YOTV Channels app follows many months of hard work and significant investment in developing new products and improving the customer experience.

This, he said, involved setting up a dedicated data center which increased the ability for customers to go back and catch up on missed live content up to 4 days in the past while by being able to record unlimited future content.

“MTN believes that our culture is a strategic asset enabling our success. We express our culture through our core values ​​and behaviors. We believe in a culture of openness, collaboration and total accountability to do,” Kayemba said.

MNT, she added, continued to invest in its coverage and infrastructure including 3G, 4G.

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