MLW Fusion Recap: Ladder Match for the Tag Team Championship



Hello everyone! Welcome to this week’s recap of MLW Fusion. Tonight’s first episode was Davey Richards vs. ACH. Next, the Saito brothers took on Budd Heavy and Gnarls Garvin. And in the main event, 5150 defended the MLW Tag Team Championship against Los Parks in a ladder match. MLW Fusion #133 can be viewed below.

Show Highlights

  • Crybaby Calvin sponsorships always crack me up. These segments are a silly but creative way for Alex Kane to add further insult to Calvin Tankman.
  • Cesar Duran perfectly upset Alex Hammerstone and Davey Richards when signing the contact. Duran is an amazing character and so easy to hate.

The weak points of the living room

  • Davey Richards’ entry was unnecessarily long tonight. If something had actually happened before Davey got in the ring, the delay would have felt more natural. However, since nothing happened, the input lag appeared oddly.

Other Highlights

  • Calvin Tankman opened the show and announced that he would face Alex Kane for the MLW National Openweight Championship in two weeks. Next, Alex Kane and Mr. Thomas came down to ringside and confronted Tankman. Tankman hit Kane and the two men had to be separated by referees.
  • After his victory, Davey Richards thanked ACH for their game. Richards then promised to destroy whoever stole his Opera Cup trophy. Finally, Davey promised Alex Hammerstone that he would pick him up at Superfight.
  • Mads Kruger claimed he was the monster Jacob Fatu could never be. Kruger also promised to drown Jacob in his own blood. Later, Joe Dombrowski announced that Kruger will face Fatu next week.
  • Cesar Duran and Saint Laurent discussed Laurent’s new fighter. Duran said the Laurent fighter could make his debut in an upcoming Trios match. Then Myron Reed appeared and demanded a rematch for the MLW World Middleweight Championship. Duran agreed and said he wanted the fighters to take their fate into their own hands. Duran then let Reed know that the rematch would be a Trios match featuring Taijiri, Reed, and a mystery opponent.
  • A vignette aired announcing the return of Lio Rush.
  • The Saito Brothers went on to defeat Budd Heavy after their victory. Gnarls Garvin rescued Heavy and fought the Saito brothers.
  • Richard Holliday and Alicia Atout mocked Alex Hammerstone for believing he and Holliday were best friends. Holliday asked where Hammerstone was when he lost his Caribbean Championship. Holliday swore he would be the only one to beat Hammerstone for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship.
  • nZo vs. KC Navarro in a grudge match has been announced for Superfight.
  • During the main event, Homicide intervened on behalf of 5150. LA Park came down to neutralize Homicide. However, LA Park ended up spearing LA Park Jr. accidentally.
  • Gino Medina, Mini Abismo Negro and Arez vs. Aramis, the mystery fighter from El Dragon and Saint Laurent has been announced for next week.

Match results

  • Davey Richards defeated ACH by submission.
  • The Saito Brothers (Jun and Rei Saito) defeated Budd Heavy and Gnarls Garvin by pinfall.
  • MLW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: 5150 (Slice Boogie and Rivera) (w/ Julius Smokes) defeated Los Parks (LA Park’s Hijo and LA Park Jr.) to retain the MLW Tag Team Championship.

Did you enjoy tonight’s episode of Fusion? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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