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The Middle Peninsula Amateur Radio Club at the Gloucester Collaboration Special Event: Joy Safranek, Dean Marzocca, Bill Brown, Will Hrachovina, Mark Lowell, Alan Lambert, John Pendergrft, Bobby Forrest, Kenny Skirvin, Danny Wright, Will Grant and Troy Hanson, from the left.

Members of the Middle Peninsula Amateur Radio Club connected with their counterparts in Gloucester, England on Sunday using Morse code, voice and digital communication at a Gloucester Collaboration event held at the Circle of the Gloucester court.

Club members set up a portable amateur radio station to contact other Gloucester venues. After erecting an antenna and checking the radio equipment, they searched for contacts through the airwaves.

Using three established forms of radio communication, the club began its mission. The club began by using Morse code, with experienced operators Danny Wright and Dean Marzocca transmitting at a speed of 20 words per minute. The operators managed to make contact with four amateur radio operators and the Gloucester Amateur Radio Club in the UK.

They switched to using voice communication. With a clear voice and a general call on the frequency, operators Kenny Skirvin and Mark Lowell, were quickly rewarded with…

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