Meet “The Right Stuff,” the latest doomed reactionary dating app



Little-noticed and surprisingly garish conservatives aside, Hannity’s half-hearted effort seems to have had few imitators until Donald Trump came along and unleashed the deepest racism and Christian supremacism on the Republican electorate. .

Since the bankrupt casino owner stepped off his elevator to the applause of his paid employees in 2015, there has been an explosion of right-wing dating apps. The first was Trump Singles, which appears to have launched in 2016. Notably, it did not allow users to search for lesbian or gay matches.

“I decided to take over the field and create a place where like-minded people with the same values ​​could meet and find a meaningful relationship without having to waste their time and money on dates. with people intolerant of free thought,” the Trump Singles founder said in an interview with the right-wing website Breitbart News.

Donald.Dating followed soon after. Both sites were immediately slammed for poor interface design, few real profiles, and constant attempts to sell add-on features. They disappeared shortly after their launch, despite good media attention.

In 2018 came Trump.Dating, another site offering to help supporters of the most hated politician in American history find love with each other — unless they’re lesbian or gay. While limiting itself to heterosexuals only, the site has raised eyebrows to welcome married users to search for new matches. The app didn’t last too long after Trump.Dating was exposed by a local North Carolina news station for featuring a man convicted of filming himself having sex with a 15 year old girl.

A few months into 2018, DonaldDaters announced itself as another destination for Trumpy singles.

“For many young Trump supporters, liberal intolerance has made hooking up and dating nearly impossible,” Emily Moreno, former campaign staffer for Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), told a news aggregator. of right.

It was a short-lived affair, however, after the site leaked all of its users’ private data on its launch date. After about a year and a half of activity, the site seems to have become obsolete in 2019.

Next in the line of right-wing dating sites came Righter, a service that took exclusion to a whole new level. Beyond refusing to match same-sex couples, the Righter founder vowed to sue Democrats who wanted to infiltrate the “culture of conservative, Christian, American values” she was trying to establish.

“I have a very good legal team that will deal with this,” CEO Christy Edwards Lawton told The Daily Beast, saying she would have “zero tolerance” for lefties.

Although it received a lot of hype, hardly anyone seemed to be using the site within months of its launch. “I think I met a troll,” a male user told Washingtonian magazine. After debuting in late 2018, Righter appears to have gone out of business. early 2020.

The latest incarnation of Trumpist dating seems to be heading for a similar end, judging by a story by Zachary Petrizzo and Noah Kirsch of The Daily Beast, who reported that The Right Stuff is struggling to convince young Republican women in Washington to register.

One person who still seems on board is The Right Stuff’s main funder, Peter Thiel, who did not respond to requests from multiple outlets to comment that the site he funded would not allow a gay man like him to use it.

TYT National Correspondent Matthew Sheffield is a writer and analyst who focuses on right-wing extremism. You can find him on Twitter @MattSheffield.

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