Matt Hancock’s colleagues download I’m A Celeb app to vote him for mass essays



Hosts Anthony McPartlin and Declan Donnelly broke the news, after which Hancock said, “You know what, I just knew it was going to be me and I still felt nervous.”

“All I heard was bulls—, bulls—, bulls—“

Mr Hancock caused a stir as he entered the main camp, with many famous faces on the show shocked to see the West Suffolk MP, who had the Conservative Party whip removed after announcing his intention to join the show .

After Hancock and Walsh arrived, radio DJ Chris Moyles visited the Bush Telegraph and said, “Oh my god, two new people have arrived.

“One of them is Seann Walsh and the other – I have to go back and double check.”

Also speaking in the Bush Telegraph, soap opera star Sue Cleaver added: ‘I don’t know what to say.

Referring to Hancock’s role in televised press conferences during the coronavirus pandemic, Moyles, 48, asked: ‘You have to get rid of it for me, please just say, ‘Next slide s’ please,” and I’m really happy.”

After Mr Hancock voluntarily said: ‘Next slide please’, Culture Club leader Boy George told him: ‘You’re really gonna get it. You’re really gonna get it. Not from me , I mean, just from…”

TV presenter and real estate expert Scarlette Douglas also seemed interested in Hancock, asking, “Why did you decide to come?”

He replied: “Why? Because all politicians are known – and me in particular – to be in a sort of very strict way of being, which is just not our way of being.”

Douglas, 35, then asked, “How would you say you were?”

“More human than that,” Hancock replied.

When Cleaver, 59, told Hancock he was “a brave man”, he said: “Well, we’ll see how it goes.”

Douglas added, “I can’t wait to get to know you apart from everything else. It’s going to be good. Just be your authentic self.”

Writing in the Bush Telegraph, Douglas appeared ready to get to know the MP, saying: “To be fair, everyone is human. We all have our own personalities apart from what we see in the media.

“So look, Matt Hancock came over, he obviously has something to prove, so hey, everyone has their own reasons why they’re here.”

Mike Tindall was less sympathetic.

The former England rugby player said when he heard Mr Hancock speak: “All I heard was bulls —, bulls —, bulls —.”

Ant and Dec mock new Prime Minister after Johnson mocks

Ant and Dec used Hancock’s arrival to poke fun at British politics and jokingly addressed Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

“I don’t know how Matt is going to cope in camp,” Ant said.

“You know, surrounded by people who don’t know what they’re doing, making it up as they go and just trying to get by day by day.”

To which Dec jokingly added, “Hello, Prime Minister.”

The jibe comes after the presenting duo also poked fun at former Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the series last year.

Dec went on to poke fun at recent changes to the Conservative Party leadership, adding: “By the way, who am I talking to over there? Who is it this week? Is it still Rishi? Is it always him?”

To which Ant replied, “I think so, but they probably have to get a new one before Christmas.”

The campmates soon began joking with Hancock and questioning him both about his political decisions and his motivation for appearing on the show.

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