Mark Cuban Showcased His Fireside App at a Dallas Podcast Convention


It was a big weekend for podcasts. In Dallas, Friday was the last day of the Podcast Movement convention, “the biggest gathering of podcasts,” as they call it. And the first episode of Duchess Meghan Markle Archetypes dethroned Joe Rogan for the top spot on Spotify’s podcast chart.

It’s crazy to think back to 2005, when an update added to iTunes suddenly included a section called “Podcasts”, back when the majority of people really didn’t know what a podcast was and spent most of their time on iTunes trying to figure out how to transfer music from the platform to their iPods. Now, 17 years later, you can walk down the street and ask any random person for their favorite podcast and they’ll have an answer for you. And those who don’t should know that every time they look Drinking champions, no rider or the Joe Rogan Experience, they are watching a podcast.

Attached to any thriving industry, there are conventions that highlight, educate and promote community inclusion within this space, and since 2014, Podcast Movement has been doing its part to help move the podcast industry forward. and independent radio. The Podcast Movement convention took place August 23-26 at the Sheraton Downtown Dallas and featured over 100 sessions, panels and keynotes including Laci Mosley of Goddess of the scamjudge Phoebe of Criminal and Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi from podcast platform Fireside.

The next podcast convention will be in March 2023 in Las Vegas.

The breakout sessions included entry-level training for people looking to start their own podcasts and some for more experienced podcasters, covering topics like monetization and finding ways to get more listeners. A group of panelists included guests from Kenya and Egypt, who discussed the current state and future direction of the podcasting industry in Africa.

One of the highlights of the convention was undoubtedly Cuban and Fatemi’s keynote speech on Fireside, which is the first interactive Web3 streaming platform. Cuban and Fatemi are co-founders of the innovative hosting platform, which Fatemi operates as CEO.

“We believe the future of media and entertainment is participatory, where you, as audience members, are not just part of the show, but you can be the co-creator and, as a fan, even play a very intimate role in the creation of the production. process,” Fatemi told attendees. “And then, on the other side, there’s talent, there’s brands and organizations today that have a bigger audience than those traditional entertainment media and broadcasters. . So with the right technology platform, the right analytics, and the right ownership model, we can essentially help you accelerate and grow. »

Fireside can allow creators to run their own digital network, which would include simultaneous live distribution across multiple platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. This allows creators to reach their audience from whatever platform they choose to deliver their content. On stage, Cuban and Fatemi broadcast the keynote live and gave those who attended virtually and physically a short tutorial on Fireside’s functions.

“Think about it,” Cuban said. “You have a complete cast studio in the palm of your hand. [We’re on] YouTube right now, Fireside right now, on the web right now. Easy, easy.

Podcasters, according to the founders of Fireside, can have their shows distributed to any other podcast platform where they have listeners.

“We want to be able to take the content you create and enable its distribution anywhere,” Cuban said.

“We want to be able to take the content you create and enable its distribution everywhere.” -Mark Cuban

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The app, which has attracted top creators such as Jay Leno, is pushing a $125 million valuation.

Another convention highlight was the Africa X Podcasting breakout session, where audience members learned about the podcasting landscape on the continent from the people on the ground. Panelists projected that Africa could become podcasting’s greatest frontier because it has so many people with untold stories and ideas that have yet to reach the rest of the world.

Dan Aceda, CEO of SemaBox, discussed his incubator and podcast production company, which has distributed over 700 episodes from female creators and people who identify as non-binary. SemaBox, he said, helps spread their content and, more importantly, helps them get paid for their work.

Podcasts are programs made available in digital format for automatic downloading over the Internet. But they can also be called personalized radio on demand for the listener. For example, someone might not like the host of a radio talk show, but a podcaster who covers the same topic or industry might resonate better with the listener. And if you miss the livestream, you can just replay it when you have free time.

There’s a podcast for just about every topic you can think of. There are fiction, non-fiction, sports, business, finance, music, and even podcasts for kids in the form of fictional audio show series or engaging educational content.

And it only makes sense that whenever something goes global, Mark Cuban is there to try to make it better. After Cuban’s discount online pharmacy has become a lifeline for many people who otherwise couldn’t afford their overpriced drugs, we can only hope that he will soon jump into the business. cancer research.

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