Lucha brothers win AEW World Tag Team Championship everyone



TO All out the Young Bucks defended the AEW World Tag Team Championship in a steel cage match against former rivals the Lucha Brothers. Once again, the Lucha Brothers came out on top and won the AEW Belts for the first time after not having had much success in AEW to date. Both teams stole the show in what will go down as one of the best games of 2021.

Lucha brothers win all AEW titles

This loss ends the reign of the Young Bucks 302 days after winning the FTR titles at Complete equipment 2020. The Young Bucks have managed to make nine defenses of their titles during that record-breaking reign as tag team champions. The Lucha brothers have big shoes to fill as the AEW World Tag Team Championship has been a highlight for the company for quite some time and will see the duo have a number of great title matches, an opportunity they will have. they have deserved for some time.

Some fans had worried about the treatment of the Lucha brothers in AEW as the duo entered the promotion with a hint of steam thanks to their feud with the Young Bucks. They slowly moved into the background before COVID-19 and the Death Triangle’s failure to gain momentum made them back-ground players. Now, Penta and Fenix are at the top of the division they belong to after an instant classic.

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