Local amateur radio club hosts annual online field day



A local amateur radio club held their annual virtual field day this year, with radio amateurs from across the region showing off their home facilities.

A local amateur radio club had their annual field day virtually this year, with “amateurs” from across the region showing off their home facilities.

Throughout the weekend, the operators of the Mount Vernon Amateur Radio Club participate in the National Field Day, where members contact other radio stations around the world to exchange information.

This is usually done at Pohick Bay Regional Park in Lorton, Virginia where people can walk and watch them in action.

“We’ve put up all of these fancy antennas and all of our radios and really have a lot of public contact, and we can’t do that this year,” said Heather Tribble, president of the Mount Vernon Amateur Radio Club.

Tribble says that everything has changed online, with radio amateurs showing their radio setups live on their Facebook page.

“We’re trying to show our skills in emergency preparedness,” Tribble said.

“Show people the fun you can have with amateur radio and other aspects of the hobby community service.” “

She says their field day each year shows how ham radio provides free public service to communities during a disaster or emergency.

To operate an amateur radio, you must have a license from the Federal Communications Commission, which involves testing.

“If someone does not currently have a license, this would be a great way for them to see what it is and get information on how to get a license and what to do. do all of that as well, ”Tribble said.

Each year in June, more than 40,000 radio amateurs across the United States set up temporary transmission stations, and more than 35,000 people participated in last year’s activities, according to Tribble.

The annual event has been held since 1933, according to the club, and is one of amateur radio’s most popular events.

The virtual field day runs until Sunday.

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